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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 18, When to Fight, When to Fold.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Once the investment banking firm situation is stabilized, who takes over?
(a) Jack Webber.
(b) Si Cathcart.
(c) Jack Welch.
(d) Mike Carpenter.

2. What does Jack learn from GE veterans about the company's routine employee appraisals?
(a) They have had the same typographical error for years.
(b) They are valuable tools in assessing job performance.
(c) They are no more than routinely written forms of false kindness.
(d) They are used for firing people, never for promoting them.

3. What does Jack call the phenomenon when usually strong, self-confident managers panic and lose confidence?
(a) The R&D Report.
(b) Six Sigma.
(c) The GE Vortex.
(d) The Management Circle.

4. What setback keeps Jack from attending one of the two colleges of his choice?
(a) Losing his ROTC scholarship to a friend.
(b) His mother begs him not to move far away.
(c) His mother's health.
(d) Rejection for an ROTC scholarship.

5. How does investment banker Joseph Jett rip off the company?
(a) He takes all the office supplies and leaves with them.
(b) He installs a computer virus company wide.
(c) He makes fictitious trades to inflate his own bonus.
(d) He takes money from the corporate safe.

Short Answer Questions

1. When GE bought RCA in 1985, which national television station was included in the deal?

2. Why does Jack's father encourage him to learn the game of golf?

3. By May 2001, which established TV show is Jack's competing with directly?

4. According to an employee evaluation system, which employees are passionate, innovative, open minded, and creative?

5. What are the human resources meetings called that are held at each GE business location?

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