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Chapter 1

• Helen was born near Tuscumbia, Alabama on June 23, 1880.

• Her father, Arthur, was a confederate captain and related to General Robert E. Lee.

• Her mother, Kate, was a well-read woman who came from an intellectual family.

• Arthur had two sons from a previous marriage. Helen was the first child for Kate and first for their marriage.

• Helen was fussed over as a child in the family. She was very outgoing and persistent.

• She spoke at six months and seemed to develop at an advanced rate. She was a thriving and normal child through her first nineteen months.

• In February 1882, she suffered from an acute fever which took away her sight and hearing.

Chapter 2

• Helen spent the next five years living in isolation.

• She was able to communicate with her mother using a limited sign language. She did a few chores as well.

• As her ability to express herself...

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