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Maria von Trapp
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Short Answer Questions

1. What does the family discover living under their sink in their Vermont home?

2. When the Trapps are asked what they think of popular music, what does Father Wasner reply?

3. Maria is impressed that Americans, in contrast to Europeans, are not embarrassed by what?

4. In an effort to conserve gas and help the war effort, the von Trapps forgo traveling by car and instead travel by:

5. In a letter to friends, what does Maria say she noticed while driving up the coast from Los Angeles to Seattle?

Short Essay Questions

1. How does the start of the war affect attendance to the von Trapp concerts?

2. During a performance in Denver, the family discovers the "lacking ingredient" that their manager, Mr. Schang, had alluded to before. How is the discovery made, and what is the missing ingredient?

3. In between their concert performances in America, the von Trapps' bank account balance dwindles to fifty dollars. What do they do to raise money and make ends meet until their next concert?

4. Right around the time of Georg's death, how is the media portraying the von Trapp family?

5. After the Trapp family settles into their Vermont home, what do they learn about maple syrup?

6. What do the Trapps do when they receive a letter from Austria describing the suffering of the people there after the war?

7. What does Maria state that she finds impressive regarding Americans and manual labor?

8. When the family first visits Vermont, what is it about the state that they like?

9. When Mr. Schang reconsiders and agrees to take on the Trapp family if they supply $5,000 for publicity, how does the family acquire this money?

10. Why do two officials from the War Production Board arrive at Vermont to talk to Maria?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Explain how the Von Trapp family demonstrates the qualities of persistence and resilience. Use at least three examples from the book.

Essay Topic 2

1. Compare and contrast the personalities and characteristics of Maria von Trapp and her children. Which of the children are headstrong? Which ones are more reserved? What traits do they all share in common?

2. How do the von Trapps manage to get along with so many different personalities living under one roof?

Essay Topic 3

In the beginning, Georg is opposed to his family performing in public, but later he relents and even goes on stage to introduce them. Write an analysis exploring what caused the patriarch to have a change of heart and support his family's singing career.

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