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Maria von Trapp
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Short Answer Questions

1. After losing Georg, Maria states that "hundreds of people around you cannot" do what?

2. What does Maria refer to as "the memorable year?"

3. With Georg's condition deteriorating rapidly, what does Father Wasner bring in?

4. When Maria talks about wanting to open a music camp, she describes her childhood "Sing Weeks," which were:

5. Why is the photo the von Trapps show friends of their recently purchased home in Vermont not impressive?

Short Essay Questions

1. Where on their Vermont property does the family build a small chapel?

2. Why does the family decide to buy a rundown farm in Vermont?

3. What do the Trapps do when they receive a letter from Austria describing the suffering of the people there after the war?

4. When the family first visits Vermont, what is it about the state that they like?

5. Why does Maria want to build a music camp near their home in Vermont?

6. How does Maria feel the family is contributing to the war effort?

7. How does the start of the war affect attendance to the von Trapp concerts?

8. As the family travels across the United States on their concert tours, what do they appreciate about the scenery? What do they dislike about the landscape?

9. As Maria explains that she and her family are no longer completely European but are not yet fully American, what does she say she appreciates, and what dismays her?

10. After the von Trapps buy their Vermont house, but before they actually move in, what do the older sons, Werner and Rupert, tell the family?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

The von Trapps seem to have a lukewarm relationship with their managers, at least initially. Despite managers' concerns that the family doesn't have enough audience appeal, they offer contracts. Why? What do they see in the family that propels them to take a chance on their singing act? Explain in detail.

Essay Topic 2

Maria expresses having both positive and negative experiences interacting with Americans.

1. Based on Maria's accounts and commentary, what do you feel she would like Americans to do differently?

2. What do you feel she would like Austrians to do differently, based on what she admires about Americans?

Essay Topic 3

When Georg dies, a part of Maria dies with him. Compare and contrast life for her before and after his passing. How does she cope and move forward after his death?

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