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Maria von Trapp
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Short Answer Questions

1. What does Maria appreciate that America has given her family?

2. Who dies in the middle of the von Trapps' Vermont remodeling project?

3. After they've paid off debts, what does the family purchase to help them travel to their concerts and, at the same time, save money?

4. After he dies, where is Georg buried?

5. What does Maria find when she inspects the camp she wishes to turn into a music camp?

Short Essay Questions

1. As the family travels across the United States on their concert tours, what do they appreciate about the scenery? What do they dislike about the landscape?

2. Why does the family decide to buy a rundown farm in Vermont?

3. During a performance in Denver, the family discovers the "lacking ingredient" that their manager, Mr. Schang, had alluded to before. How is the discovery made, and what is the missing ingredient?

4. After the Trapp family settles into their Vermont home, what do they learn about maple syrup?

5. How does Maria feel the family is contributing to the war effort?

6. How does the start of the war affect attendance to the von Trapp concerts?

7. In Chapter 13, what does Maria say about going to auctions?

8. What is Maria surprised to find when she opens a copy of Life Magazine after the von Trapps have been in Vermont a while?

9. During what Maria calls "the memorable year," what problems and issues do the von Trapps experience?

10. By their third American tour, what changes have the von Trapp family members made to their concerts to appeal to a wider audience?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

What might it be like to grow up in a large family like the Trapp clan with so many siblings? Write about pros and cons of having many sisters and brothers, supporting your conclusions with examples from the book.

Essay Topic 2

Father Wasner is a minor yet significant character in the book, who essentially becomes part of the family.

1. Write an analysis of Father Wasner, describing who he is, how he joined the family, and what his role is in the Trapps' everyday life and singing career.

2. In what ways does his presence benefit the family? Do you think they could have advanced their singing careers without him? Why or why not?

Essay Topic 3

1. Compare and contrast the personalities and characteristics of Maria von Trapp and her children. Which of the children are headstrong? Which ones are more reserved? What traits do they all share in common?

2. How do the von Trapps manage to get along with so many different personalities living under one roof?

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