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Maria von Trapp
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Short Answer Questions

1. At Macy's department store, what is Maria afraid of?

2. During the summer music festivals in Salzburg, the von Trapp family:

3. Who is Father Wasner?

4. As their first Christmas with Maria approaches, what do the children do while they sing?

5. What treasured baby clothes does Maria show Mrs. Drinker?

Short Essay Questions

1. Maria explains that Salzburg is built around what two prominent structures?

2. After the Nazis take over, what changes take place at the children's school?

3. World War II breaks out on September, 1939, while the family is doing a tour in Europe. Where do they end up after the war starts?

4. Describe the von Trapps' experience of being imprisoned at Ellis Island.

5. Why does Maria feel uncomfortable when she first arrives at the Trapp Villa?

6. Describe the conversation between Maria and Princess Yvonne in Maria's room at the villa.

7. How does Maria feel about her family being regarded as "poor refugees?"

8. After Maria and Georg marry, the family settles into a routine. Describe their typical evening.

9. When the von Trapp family vacations with Georg's distant cousin Peter, what do they find odd about him?

10. When Little Maria tells Maria that she misses piano lessons, what does the governess do?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Father Wasner is a minor yet significant character in the book, who essentially becomes part of the family.

1. Write an analysis of Father Wasner, describing who he is, how he joined the family, and what his role is in the Trapps' everyday life and singing career.

2. In what ways does his presence benefit the family? Do you think they could have advanced their singing careers without him? Why or why not?

Essay Topic 2

The von Trapps seem to have a lukewarm relationship with their managers, at least initially. Despite managers' concerns that the family doesn't have enough audience appeal, they offer contracts. Why? What do they see in the family that propels them to take a chance on their singing act? Explain in detail.

Essay Topic 3

Near the end of the book, Maria describes how she became terribly ill and was near death, but then recovered. What factors contribute to her healing and recovery? How does faith play a role? What does Maria say about prayer and her recovery?

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