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Maria von Trapp
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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. While their father is ill and getting worse, the children are:
(a) Working hard to complete the house.
(b) Vacationing in Austria.
(c) Away on tour.
(d) Pretending everything's fine.

2. What does Maria comment about the 107-concert tour in Part Two, Chapter 18?
(a) It's when she learned to be politically active.
(b) It represents the kindness of Americans.
(c) It was exhausting but fruitful.
(d) It was dubbed the International Friendship Tour.

3. What does Maria say about traveling to concerts with children?
(a) It works out better if you bring a nanny.
(b) It's hectic.
(c) It's fun to be with family.
(d) It's rewarding.

4. What does "Cor Unum" mean?
(a) One heart.
(b) Seize the day.
(c) Heart of music.
(d) Together forever.

5. Mr. Schang reconsiders and agrees to represent the von Trapp family on what condition?
(a) They wear shiny clothes, high heels, and lots of makeup.
(b) They pay $5,000 for publicity.
(c) They sing exclusively in English.
(d) They spend three days a week talking to reporters.

Short Answer Questions

1. Once, when a bus departure in Kansas is discontinued, the von Trapps reach their next performance by being driven in a:

2. At the launch of their third American tour, what advice does the family receive from their manager?

3. Who dies in the middle of the von Trapps' Vermont remodeling project?

4. When first visiting Vermont, what does the family like about the state?

5. When Maria talks about wanting to open a music camp, she describes her childhood "Sing Weeks," which were:

Short Essay Questions

1. What does the family name their Vermont home, and why?

2. During a performance in Denver, the family discovers the "lacking ingredient" that their manager, Mr. Schang, had alluded to before. How is the discovery made, and what is the missing ingredient?

3. How does the von Trapp family combine their concerts with their charity work?

4. What does Maria state that she finds impressive regarding Americans and manual labor?

5. After the von Trapps buy their Vermont house, but before they actually move in, what do the older sons, Werner and Rupert, tell the family?

6. During what Maria calls "the memorable year," what problems and issues do the von Trapps experience?

7. Why does Maria want to build a music camp near their home in Vermont?

8. What monumental event happens during the von Trapps' summer camp season of 1945?

9. What do the Trapps do when they receive a letter from Austria describing the suffering of the people there after the war?

10. When Georg becomes very sick, what do doctors tell Maria?

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