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Maria von Trapp
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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. The doctor who's been treating Georg tells Maria that he has:
(a) Cancer in his knee.
(b) An inoperable lung tumor.
(c) Multiple sclerosis.
(d) A heart murmur.

2. What is the amount of the mortgage the von Trapps take out to purchase their Vermont home?
(a) $12,000.
(b) $23,000.
(c) $78,000.
(d) $50,000.

3. When the war ends in 1945 and the von Trapp boys return home, what does the music camp do?
(a) Shuts down.
(b) Welcomes them back.
(c) Collects money for war refugees.
(d) Records an album in their honor.

4. Once the von Trapp family is released from Ellis Island, they resume giving concerts. What does Maria note about attendance?
(a) Seats are empty because nobody can afford to attend.
(b) Seats are empty because people are out enjoying autumn.
(c) Seats are full because audiences are looking for light entertainment.
(d) Seats are full because the family received great publicity.

5. When Maria talks about wanting to open a music camp, she describes her childhood "Sing Weeks," which were:
(a) Weeks when homework was put aside and class time was devoted to music.
(b) The weeks at the nunnery when local children came to learn music.
(c) Music-learning get-togethers that lasted several days.
(d) Competitions between neighboring school choirs.

Short Answer Questions

1. Even though the von Trapps' Austrian house is returned to them after the war, why can't they live there?

2. In the last chapter of the book, what does Maria credit for the recovery of her health?

3. What masterpiece by Palestrina does Maria say the family learns well?

4. Among the natural beauty the family enjoys seeing while traveling across the United States, Maria cites:

5. When the family moves into their Vermont home, what do they have to do?

Short Essay Questions

1. Why do two officials from the War Production Board arrive at Vermont to talk to Maria?

2. How does Maria feel the family is contributing to the war effort?

3. What do the Trapps do when they receive a letter from Austria describing the suffering of the people there after the war?

4. After Georg dies, where is he buried?

5. Right around the time of Georg's death, how is the media portraying the von Trapp family?

6. In Chapter 13, what does Maria say about going to auctions?

7. When Georg becomes very sick, what do doctors tell Maria?

8. What does the family name their Vermont home, and why?

9. How does the von Trapp family combine their concerts with their charity work?

10. During a performance in Denver, the family discovers the "lacking ingredient" that their manager, Mr. Schang, had alluded to before. How is the discovery made, and what is the missing ingredient?

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