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Maria von Trapp
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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. When Princess Yvonne is about to visit the von Trapps, what does the Captain's daughter, Little Maria, ask?
(a) Why the Captain doesn't leave the Princess and marry Maria instead.
(b) If the Princess will bring her chocolate truffles from Belgium.
(c) Why the Princess is always so cold to her.
(d) Whether or not they still need the Princess now that they have Maria.

2. When Mr. Wagner, the family's manager, finds out Maria is pregnant, he:
(a) Sends her flowers.
(b) Cancels the rest of the tour.
(c) Congratulates the family.
(d) Offers them a raise.

3. In New York, where does the family attend church daily?
(a) Saint Paul the Apostle Church.
(b) Saint Mark's Church.
(c) Saint James Cathedral.
(d) Saint Patrick's Cathedral.

4. While Georg paces worriedly over losing his fortune in Austria, Maria says she is:
(a) Unconcerned.
(b) Scared.
(c) Indifferent.
(d) Elated.

5. When Maria gives birth to her first child, Rosemarie, this is Georg's:
(a) Seventh child.
(b) Twelfth child.
(c) Tenth child.
(d) Eighth child.

Short Answer Questions

1. How do the von Trapps end up back in America when the war breaks out?

2. How does Georg feel about his family performing at a diplomatic reception for dignitaries?

3. After seeing Maria's baby clothes, what does Mrs. Drinker do?

4. When she first learns English, Maria spells words as she would in Austrian. For example, she spells "watch" as:

5. Why does Father Wasner become a regular at the von Trapp villa?

Short Essay Questions

1. What happens after the Chancellor of Austria hears the family singing on the radio?

2. On the ship bound for America, how does Maria learn English?

3. Maria explains that Salzburg is built around what two prominent structures?

4. What happens to the family's clothes when they get their laundry done in New York at the rate of six cents a pound?

5. World War II breaks out on September, 1939, while the family is doing a tour in Europe. Where do they end up after the war starts?

6. When the mother of a famous harpsichordist advises the family that they need to get themselves a publicist, what do the von Trapps do?

7. Not long after Maria's daughter Leonore is born, Maria is hospitalized for kidney stones. What does Georg bring to keep her company while she recovers after surgery?

8. After Johannes is born, the family's U.S. visitor visas expire and no extension is granted. Where do they end up?

9. When a famous performer, Lotte Lehmann, hears the family practice and encourages them to enter a singing contest, what happens?

10. When the von Trapp family goes on tour in Europe, who do they sing for?

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