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Maria von Trapp
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does "Cor Unum" mean?
(a) One heart.
(b) Heart of music.
(c) Together forever.
(d) Seize the day.

2. What does Maria find when she inspects the camp she wishes to turn into a music camp?
(a) Three small stages.
(b) Eleven large barracks.
(c) One large hall.
(d) Twenty picnic tables.

3. During a performance, the von Trapp family discovers what's been missing from their performances. What is this missing ingredient?
(a) An intermission.
(b) More time onstage for the youngest singers of the family.
(c) A warm, humorous rapport with their audiences.
(d) A larger role for Georg to play in each performance.

4. After her husband's death, Maria describes herself at the camp acting as a:
(a) Robot.
(b) Hermit.
(c) Zombie.
(d) Ghost.

5. What does Maria appreciate that America has given her family?
(a) Adoring fans.
(b) Opportunities.
(c) Dignity.
(d) Prestige.

6. After nine days of taking recorder lessons, what do campers at the von Trapp music camp do?
(a) Put on a little show.
(b) Move on to learning the flute.
(c) Take a break and learn to make crafts.
(d) Take a break and go hiking.

7. When the von Trapps say goodbye to the Drinkers, what does Maria note about the couple?
(a) She is grateful to them for all they did for her family.
(b) She appreciates them despite their many eccentricities.
(c) They are the most generous friends she's ever known.
(d) They seem preoccupied with other matters.

8. The doctor who's been treating Georg tells Maria that he has:
(a) Multiple sclerosis.
(b) A heart murmur.
(c) An inoperable lung tumor.
(d) Cancer in his knee.

9. With their wool stage clothes being extremely uncomfortable in the East Coast summer humidity, what do the von Trapps do?
(a) Sew cotton versions of their costumes.
(b) Buy light, bright dresses and shorts for the stage.
(c) Order wool-like outfits made from lighter materials.
(d) Replace their costumes with evening gowns and light suits.

10. Maria is impressed that Americans, in contrast to Europeans, are not embarrassed by what?
(a) Manual labor.
(b) Laughing out loud.
(c) Hugging in public.
(d) Not knowing the answer to a question.

11. Mr. Schang reconsiders and agrees to represent the von Trapp family on what condition?
(a) They pay $5,000 for publicity.
(b) They spend three days a week talking to reporters.
(c) They wear shiny clothes, high heels, and lots of makeup.
(d) They sing exclusively in English.

12. After the Ellis Island incident, what does the family's manager do for the sake of his finances?
(a) Charges more for admission.
(b) Refuses to pay for any publicity whatsoever for their concerts.
(c) Takes a bigger cut of their earnings.
(d) Books more concerts to bring in more money.

13. While their father is ill and getting worse, the children are:
(a) Away on tour.
(b) Pretending everything's fine.
(c) Working hard to complete the house.
(d) Vacationing in Austria.

14. What does Maria refer to as "the memorable year?"
(a) The year following Georg's death, when much goes wrong.
(b) The year some time ago when they first arrived in America.
(c) The year the family grew closer than ever.
(d) The year long ago when she first met Georg and the children.

15. In January of 1947, the von Trapp family receives an important letter from the:
(a) American Army of Occupation in Austria.
(b) Vatican Pope.
(c) Chancellor of Austria.
(d) American League of Austrian Friends.

Short Answer Questions

1. The von Trapps convert a former chicken coop into a:

2. Wagner originally plans forty concerts for the family, but because of the war, he can book only how many?

3. What group has to give the von Trapp family permission before they can receive any building supplies for their home or their camp?

4. When the family moves into their Vermont home, what do they have to do?

5. What does the letter that the Trapp family receives in January of 1947 say?

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