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Maria von Trapp
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. In an effort to conserve gas and help the war effort, the von Trapps forgo traveling by car and instead travel by:
(a) Chartered bus.
(b) Train.
(c) Tour bus.
(d) Monorail.

2. How do concert attendees help the von Trapps' charitable organization?
(a) Donating clothes, food, and money.
(b) Writing letters of encouragement to Austrians.
(c) Adopting displaced Austrian children.
(d) Writing letters to congresspeople.

3. After the Ellis Island incident, what does the family's manager do for the sake of his finances?
(a) Takes a bigger cut of their earnings.
(b) Books more concerts to bring in more money.
(c) Refuses to pay for any publicity whatsoever for their concerts.
(d) Charges more for admission.

4. What does the ten-day music camp try to do for its campers?
(a) Acquaint guests with as much musical literature as possible.
(b) Create well-rounded, artistic individuals.
(c) Train future professional musicians.
(d) Show that music is fun, not boring.

5. When the von Trapps are down to their last fifty dollars, what do they do to raise money?
(a) Sell their antique jewelry.
(b) Hold a craft exhibit and sale.
(c) Hold a bake sale.
(d) Hold a garage sale.

6. Maria points out that at her camp, folks who start out with Mary Had A Little Lamb soon can play:
(a) Bach.
(b) Chopin.
(c) Folk tunes.
(d) Country melodies.

7. Who dies in the middle of the von Trapps' Vermont remodeling project?
(a) Mr. Quinoa, the electrician.
(b) Mr. Jones, the plumber.
(c) Mr. Alfred, the architect.
(d) Mr. Sears, the carpenter.

8. After Mr. Wagner no longer represents them, who do the von Trapps audition for?
(a) Mrs. Coppicus and four other executives.
(b) Mr. Drinker and his associates.
(c) Mrs. Brava and her assistants.
(d) Mr. Schang and five other executives.

9. When the family moves into their Vermont home, what do they have to do?
(a) Schedule more concerts to earn money to repay the loan.
(b) Relocate the family of bears living on their property.
(c) Rebuild the house and crooked barns.
(d) Apply for a permit to own property legally in the United States.

10. How many concerts is the von Trapp family scheduled to give during their third American tour?
(a) Forty-two.
(b) Fifty-seven.
(c) Twenty-six.
(d) Sixty-five.

11. Maria explains that in Europe, if one is washing dishes when a guest arrives unexpectedly, one:
(a) Asks the guest to come back later.
(b) Asks the guest to help.
(c) Finishes the dishes while chatting with the guest.
(d) Tries to hide the fact that he or she was doing dishes.

12. When the family entertains troops at a former Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC) camp turned Army camp, what do Georg and Maria realize?
(a) The area is enchanting, and they could be happy living there.
(b) Soon it will be time to retire from show business.
(c) They much prefer singing outdoors than in stuffy theaters.
(d) Army soldiers are very appreciative of their musical abilities.

13. When the Trapps are asked what they think of popular music, what does Father Wasner reply?
(a) Popular music is in poor taste.
(b) Only classical music is worth learning.
(c) Popular music comes and goes.
(d) Real popular music is music that lasts.

14. Maria says that after short weeks of practice:
(a) Anyone can make music.
(b) Even a baby can play Mozart.
(c) A musician needs a break.
(d) More practice is needed to reach perfection.

15. What does the family name their Vermont home?
(a) Cor Unum.
(b) Heavenly Lobby.
(c) E Pluribus Unum.
(d) Musical Tavern.

Short Answer Questions

1. After her husband's death, Maria describes herself at the camp acting as a:

2. After Mr. Schang agrees to manage the family, he has their name changed from Trapp Family Choir to what?

3. Once, when a bus departure in Kansas is discontinued, the von Trapps reach their next performance by being driven in a:

4. What does the family discover living under their sink in their Vermont home?

5. As the family makes plans to move into their Vermont home, what do the boys, Werner and Rupert, announce?

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