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Maria von Trapp
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does the family name their Vermont home?
(a) Musical Tavern.
(b) Cor Unum.
(c) Heavenly Lobby.
(d) E Pluribus Unum.

2. Why does Mr. Wagner refuse to renew the von Trapps' contract?
(a) He feels they're asking for too much money and too many conditions.
(b) He and Maria argued, and he wants nothing more to do with the von Trapps.
(c) He's gone bankrupt and is moving into a different business.
(d) He's lost money on them and doesn't think they're right for American audiences.

3. Even though the von Trapps' Austrian house is returned to them after the war, why can't they live there?
(a) It had been used by the Nazis for awful purposes.
(b) Most of it was burned down.
(c) Another family claimed it.
(d) They are forbidden from stepping foot in Austria.

4. What does Maria comment about the 107-concert tour in Part Two, Chapter 18?
(a) It represents the kindness of Americans.
(b) It's when she learned to be politically active.
(c) It was exhausting but fruitful.
(d) It was dubbed the International Friendship Tour.

5. After he dies, where is Georg buried?
(a) Next to his first wife in Salzburg, Austria.
(b) In the town's cemetery next to the church.
(c) In an unmarked grave atop a hill.
(d) On the grounds of the von Trapps' Vermont property.

6. With their wool stage clothes being extremely uncomfortable in the East Coast summer humidity, what do the von Trapps do?
(a) Replace their costumes with evening gowns and light suits.
(b) Order wool-like outfits made from lighter materials.
(c) Buy light, bright dresses and shorts for the stage.
(d) Sew cotton versions of their costumes.

7. After her husband's death, Maria describes herself at the camp acting as a:
(a) Hermit.
(b) Robot.
(c) Zombie.
(d) Ghost.

8. Maria opens Chapter 20 in Part 2 with the Biblical story of:
(a) Joseph.
(b) Noah.
(c) Moses.
(d) Job.

9. When Maria asks Mr. Schang why he won't represent the family, what does he say?
(a) He's heard negative things about them from Mr. Wagner.
(b) He finds it too difficult to work with Maria and Georg.
(c) Their songs are too long, and they are too serious when performing.
(d) They are boring and lack talent.

10. After Mr. Wagner no longer represents them, who do the von Trapps audition for?
(a) Mrs. Brava and her assistants.
(b) Mr. Schang and five other executives.
(c) Mrs. Coppicus and four other executives.
(d) Mr. Drinker and his associates.

11. What does "Cor Unum" mean?
(a) Together forever.
(b) Seize the day.
(c) Heart of music.
(d) One heart.

12. What does Maria say she becomes addicted to?
(a) Auctions.
(b) Fame.
(c) Food.
(d) Music.

13. When they travel by rail, sometimes the von Trapps end up in separate cars and worry about:
(a) Whether or not everyone will get off at the right stop.
(b) Someone losing a ticket.
(c) One of the children being kidnapped.
(d) Someone falling off the train.

14. In the last chapter of the book, what does Maria credit for the recovery of her health?
(a) The compassionate doctors and nurses who watched her around the clock.
(b) The love and support of her caring children.
(c) The love she still carries in her heart for Georg.
(d) Thousands of letters and telegrams calling for prayer on her behalf.

15. How does a neighbor, Betty, correct Maria's English?
(a) She cautions her to use the words "he, she, it" correctly.
(b) She explains that the "w" is not pronounced like a "v."
(c) She gives her a list of everything Maria is saying incorrectly.
(d) She tells Maria that using slang is vulgar.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does the ten-day music camp try to do for its campers?

2. When the family explores Vermont with real estate agents, what problem do they run into?

3. After nine days of taking recorder lessons, what do campers at the von Trapp music camp do?

4. With Georg's condition deteriorating rapidly, what does Father Wasner bring in?

5. Among the natural beauty the family enjoys seeing while traveling across the United States, Maria cites:

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