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Maria von Trapp
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. At first, how does Georg feel about his children and wife performing on stage?
(a) He doesn't know what to think.
(b) He is excited for them.
(c) He thinks it's demeaning.
(d) He feels they should get paid.

2. At Macy's department store, what is Maria afraid of?
(a) The perfume testers.
(b) The headless mannequins.
(c) The staircase that moves by itself.
(d) The security guards.

3. The family escapes Austria by getting permission to go:
(a) Mountain climbing.
(b) Skiing.
(c) Deliver packages to the poor.
(d) Sing in London.

4. After the Salzburg music festivals are over, the children notice that Maria is no longer joining them in volleyball. What reason does she give for not participating in their games?
(a) She's pregnant.
(b) She has arthritis.
(c) She's getting too old to play.
(d) She's sick.

5. When Maria gives birth to her first child, Rosemarie, this is Georg's:
(a) Seventh child.
(b) Twelfth child.
(c) Eighth child.
(d) Tenth child.

6. During the summer music festivals in Salzburg, the von Trapp family:
(a) Recites poetry to visiting dignitaries.
(b) Takes out-of-town guests sightseeing.
(c) Sells homemade pastries to raise funds for the nunnery.
(d) Leaves the city because it gets too crowded.

7. When the family arrives in New York City, they are taken to which hotel?
(a) Hilton.
(b) Harrington.
(c) Wellington.
(d) Washington.

8. What does Maria think of the villa's garden?
(a) She feels it is too showy and pretentious.
(b) She's impressed by its size and beauty, calling it a paradise for children.
(c) She would like to see the groundskeeper do a better job with the roses.
(d) She is humbled by its simplicity and modest size, calling it a peaceful retreat.

9. After the Nazis start taking control of Austria under the pretense of being liberators, Maria:
(a) Pretends to be sympathetic to the Nazi party.
(b) Hides the family's most treasured possessions.
(c) Trembles whenever the doorbell rings.
(d) Teaches the children to speak in a special code.

10. After Maria gives birth to her second child, she needs surgery for kidney stones. How many stones are removed?
(a) Fifty-two.
(b) Three.
(c) Nineteen.
(d) Thirty-eight.

11. After marrying the Captain, what becomes part of Maria's family routine?
(a) Working in the family's nextdoor farm.
(b) Doing morning exercises in the parlor.
(c) Gathering around the fireplace after supper.
(d) Going to dances on Saturday evenings.

12. Why is the family detained at Ellis Island?
(a) They have no money.
(b) The youngest child has the chicken pox.
(c) It's customary to detain all newcomers.
(d) Maria answers a question incorrectly to an immigration officer.

13. On the ship bound from London to the United States, Maria learns English by:
(a) Hiring an English tutor.
(b) Having Americans name everything on the ship.
(c) Studying her Austrian-English dictionary.
(d) Reading English novels.

14. Why does the Captain tell the Princess he cannot marry her?
(a) He loves someone else.
(b) He already proposed to Maria.
(c) She's mean to his children.
(d) He saw her with another man.

15. What happens after the von Trapps' visitor visas expire?
(a) Their application is automatically resubmitted.
(b) They are given a two-month extension.
(c) Their visa extension request is rejected.
(d) They are arrested and forcibly departed.

Short Answer Questions

1. After Johannes is born, who takes the family to concerts and museums?

2. Why does the family receive a phone call from a Salzburg radio station manager?

3. When Maria becomes pregnant again and doctors want her to end the pregnancy because of her weak kidneys, what does Maria do?

4. What happens to concerts in Europe when war breaks out?

5. When Mr. Wagner, the family's manager, finds out Maria is pregnant, he:

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