The Story of the Trapp Family Singers Short Essay - Answer Key

Maria von Trapp
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1. Why does Maria feel uncomfortable when she first arrives at the Trapp Villa?

Maria is uncomfortable by the luxurious mansion and her lavish room. Compared to the simplicity she's used to, this is too much. She finds the dinner table too formal, the crystal dishes unnecessary, and the ringing of the bell for the butler ridiculous. She feels homesick.

2. What does Maria learn about the Captain from the mansion's head of staff, the Baroness?

Maria learns that the Captain was Austria's first submarine commander, and that he earned the title of "Baron" for military heroism during World War I. His wife died of scarlet fever. His money supplies the best teachers and caregivers for his children, but he is a sad man. He is about to be engaged to Princess Yvonne.

3. When Little Maria tells Maria that she misses piano lessons, what does the governess do?

Maria remembers seeing two violins in another room and, with permission, arranges for a violin teacher to give Little Maria lessons.

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