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Maria von Trapp
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Part Two: Chapter IV, Barbara.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. On the ship bound from London to the United States, Maria learns English by:
(a) Studying her Austrian-English dictionary.
(b) Reading English novels.
(c) Having Americans name everything on the ship.
(d) Hiring an English tutor.

2. Why does the Captain tell the Princess he cannot marry her?
(a) He already proposed to Maria.
(b) She's mean to his children.
(c) He loves someone else.
(d) He saw her with another man.

3. When Maria returns to Salzburg after her kidney stone surgery, what does the family receive?
(a) A surprise visitor.
(b) An angry letter from a neighbor.
(c) A long distance phone call.
(d) A special delivery of chocolate truffles.

4. When Maria gives birth to her first child, Rosemarie, this is Georg's:
(a) Eighth child.
(b) Twelfth child.
(c) Tenth child.
(d) Seventh child.

5. In addition to the Captain and his children, who else lives at the villa when Maria arrives?
(a) Cooks, maids, gardeners, auto mechanics, artists, and a groundskeeper.
(b) The butler, baroness, cook, gardener, farm keeper, and various maids.
(c) The Princess, butler, cook, maids, and family priest.
(d) The Princess, baroness, music teacher, butler, and maids.

Short Answer Questions

1. After Georg loses his fortune in Austria, the family:

2. When the family arrives in New York City, they are taken to which hotel?

3. When Maria suggests the children wear play-suits, what does the Baroness say?

4. What uniquely American things is the family introduced to on the ship bound for the United States?

5. How does Maria rate their first concert in the United States?

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