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Maria von Trapp
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Part Two: Chapter II, The First Ten Years Are the Hardest.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. The family escapes Austria by getting permission to go:
(a) Mountain climbing.
(b) Sing in London.
(c) Deliver packages to the poor.
(d) Skiing.

2. Who brings the presents at Christmas in Austria?
(a) The family's guardian angels.
(b) Saint Nikolaus with angels.
(c) Jesus with angels.
(d) Santa Claus with angels.

3. When Maria meets the Captain, who is he about to become engaged to?
(a) Princess Yvonne.
(b) Yolanda Ives.
(c) Claire Franz.
(d) Baroness Matilde.

4. To earn a living after Georg loses most of his savings, what does the family do?
(a) Sew and sell clothing.
(b) Rent out rooms in their villa.
(c) Work at the nunnery.
(d) Clean neighbors' houses.

5. Maria gets permission from the Archbishop to do what at their villa?
(a) Turn a wing into a nunnery.
(b) Create a library of religious tomes.
(c) House monks of the region's silent order.
(d) Turn a room into a chapel.

Short Answer Questions

1. In 1938, after the Chancellor resigns, what does the von Trapps' butler inform them?

2. At Macy's department store, what is Maria afraid of?

3. Why does the family receive a phone call from a Salzburg radio station manager?

4. When the family arrives in New York City, they are taken to which hotel?

5. At first, how does Georg feel about his children and wife performing on stage?

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