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Maria von Trapp
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Part Two: Chapter XVI, Trapp Family Music Camp.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. When a Nazi official comes to the von Trapp household, what does he tell Georg to do?
(a) Donate funds to the German army.
(b) Display a Nazi flag.
(c) Renounce his loyalty to Austria.
(d) Teach his children German.

2. What do the von Trapps see through the bars of their prison in Ellis Island?
(a) Saint Paul's Cathedral.
(b) The Empire State Building.
(c) Chrysler Building.
(d) Statue of Liberty.

3. When she first learns English, Maria spells words as she would in Austrian. For example, she spells "watch" as:
(a) Vashe.
(b) Votsch.
(c) Wosht.
(d) Wasch.

4. When Maria becomes pregnant again and doctors want her to end the pregnancy because of her weak kidneys, what does Maria do?
(a) Takes strengthening herbs.
(b) Goes on fulltime bedrest.
(c) Goes on a strict diet.
(d) Ends the pregnancy.

5. What does Maria appreciate that America has given her family?
(a) Prestige.
(b) Adoring fans.
(c) Dignity.
(d) Opportunities.

Short Answer Questions

1. After Maria insists on another audition with Columbia Concerts, what happens?

2. What happens when Maria swallows a fly in mid-performance?

3. After they've paid off debts, what does the family purchase to help them travel to their concerts and, at the same time, save money?

4. When the von Trapps begin to work on their music camp, to what extent is their house finished?

5. At the launch of their third American tour, what advice does the family receive from their manager?

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