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Maria von Trapp
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Part One: Chapter XIII, And the Lord Said to Abram . . ..

Multiple Choice Questions

1. When a Nazi official comes to the von Trapp household, what does he tell Georg to do?
(a) Teach his children German.
(b) Donate funds to the German army.
(c) Renounce his loyalty to Austria.
(d) Display a Nazi flag.

2. When Maria gives birth to her first child, Rosemarie, this is Georg's:
(a) Twelfth child.
(b) Eighth child.
(c) Tenth child.
(d) Seventh child.

3. When Maria returns to Salzburg after her kidney stone surgery, what does the family receive?
(a) A long distance phone call.
(b) A surprise visitor.
(c) A special delivery of chocolate truffles.
(d) An angry letter from a neighbor.

4. When the Captain returns to the villa unexpectedly from a trip and finds his family sitting on the floor singing, what does he do?
(a) Sits with them.
(b) Yells at Maria.
(c) Laughs uncontrollably.
(d) Scolds the children.

5. In 1938, after the Chancellor resigns, what does the von Trapps' butler inform them?
(a) He was born in Germany.
(b) He's a member of the Nazi party.
(c) He is related to the Chancellor.
(d) He is quitting.

Short Answer Questions

1. At first, how does Georg feel about his children and wife performing on stage?

2. Who is the von Trapp children's Uncle Peter?

3. What does Georg give Maria to accompany her when she's recovering from kidney stone surgery?

4. Why does Father Wasner become a regular at the von Trapp villa?

5. After the Nazis start taking control of Austria under the pretense of being liberators, Maria:

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