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Maria von Trapp
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Part Two: Chapter VIII, The Miracle.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why does Father Wasner become a regular at the von Trapp villa?
(a) He has nowhere else to go.
(b) He is invited to teach the children theology.
(c) He entertains the family with amusing stories.
(d) He realizes the family is serious about singing.

2. What is the "American Farmer?"
(a) A plane.
(b) A song.
(c) A ship.
(d) A play.

3. After Maria insists on another audition with Columbia Concerts, what happens?
(a) The executives are more impressed the second time around.
(b) The executives walk out before the family finishes.
(c) The family is invited to yet another audition.
(d) The family is escorted out and told to never return.

4. What happens after the von Trapps' visitor visas expire?
(a) They are given a two-month extension.
(b) Their application is automatically resubmitted.
(c) Their visa extension request is rejected.
(d) They are arrested and forcibly departed.

5. Who is the von Trapp children's Uncle Peter?
(a) Maria's brother.
(b) Georg's distant cousin.
(c) Georg's childhood friend.
(d) Maria's uncle.

Short Answer Questions

1. What happens at the von Trapps' first singing concert?

2. After Johannes is born, who takes the family to concerts and museums?

3. When the von Trapps go on a camping trip with Uncle Peter and his family, how many pieces of luggage does Peter bring?

4. On the ship bound from London to the United States, Maria learns English by:

5. At first, how does Georg feel about his children and wife performing on stage?

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