The Story of the Trapp Family Singers Essay Topics & Writing Assignments

Maria von Trapp
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Essay Topic 1

Life at the Von Trapp Villa undergoes a significant transformation when the newest governess, Maria, arrives.

1. Describe what life was like for the children and their father at their villa before Maria joins them.

2. Explain what new routines and activities they partake in after her arrival.

3. In your opinion, was the family better off before or after Maria came into their lives? Explain.

Essay Topic 2

A deeply religious woman, Maria uses biblical examples often to support a point she's making or compare her own challenges with obstacles biblical figures faced. Supporting your answer with specific examples from the book, explain why Maria draws a comparison or connection between her situations, challenges, or thought processes and bible stories. How does Maria's faith help her get through life's challenges? Cite at least two examples.

Essay Topic 3

The Captain and Maria come from very different backgrounds, he from a...

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