The Story of the Trapp Family Singers Character Descriptions

Maria von Trapp
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Maria Augusta Von Trapp

This spontaneous, optimistic person values faith yet shows a mischievous side by testing people to see how far boundaries can be pushed. This individual is serious about music and believes everyone has a good heart.

Baron Georg von Trapp

This patient, gentle person hires governesses, teachers, and nurses to care for seven children and willingly participates in family celebrations. This individual is intensely moral and accepts circumstances without complaining.

Father Wasner

This person is an impressive musician who turns the family singing into a profession and lives with the family for many years.

Princess Yvonne

This person almost receives a marriage proposal and feels threatened by the main character.

Baroness Matilda

This person has a title of nobility, often taking advantage of the position, and yet works as head servant.

Hans - the Butler

This person, who befriended the children, opens doors and awaits...

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