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Short Answer Questions

1. What does Simone do once Marcelle is free?

2. How would the narrator start again with Marcelle?

3. Why does the couple travel to Spain following Marcelle's death?

4. What does Sir Edmond do with the blond mannequin?

5. What does the narrator think when he first reaches Simone?

Short Essay Questions

1. Explain how the author notes the change in Marcelle as he describes her actions when Simone and the narrator are freeing her from the sanitarium.

2. Why does the narrator claim he does not care for "normal" pleasures, and why even dirty pleasures have become unsatisfying?

3. Explain how Simone and the narrator travel to Spain undetected.

4. What tradition does Sir Edmond tell Simone of, and what is her response?

5. What does the narrator believe is the goal of his own lack of moral discipline?

6. What are the three things that fascinate Simone about bullfights?

7. What does the confusion between the cardinal and the narrator on the part of Marcelle seem to show?

8. Explain what happens to Simone as she attempts to masturbate on the bicycle, and the narrator's initial reaction.

9. Explain the change in Simone following the death of Marcelle.

10. Describe the scene in the pigsty in Chapter 9, and explain its significance.

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Compare and contrast the characters of the narrator and Sir Edmond. What are their similarities? What are their differences? What are the differences in terms of their relationship with Simone? How does each character change throughout the novel? What is the motive behind their actions and behaviors? Why does each continue to associate with Simone?

Essay Topic 2

Throughout the novel, there are several references to both the eye and the egg, and both seem to be related by the end of the novel. Discuss ways in which the eye and the egg are used in the novel to convey thoughts and concepts. Be sure to examine specific instances in detail. What are similarities? What are differences? What are different ways in which these items are associated? How are they used in the novel? What do they represent?

Essay Topic 3

The novel begins with the discovery of unusual sexual practices by two teenagers, and ends with the murder and mutilation of a priest for sexual gratification. Discuss, in detail, the journey of Simone and the narrator, and discuss the events which led to their downward spiral into murder. Be sure to include the involvement of parents, other associates, and the activities participated in.

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