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The narrator and Simone have a fascination with these. They often use these in their sexual play.

Bull Balls

When Simone attends the bull fights she asks to be presented with a pair of these, and uses them sexually.


The narrator and Simone ride these to the sanitarium where Marcelle is being treated in order to rescue her.


Marcelle hides in this during an orgy orchestrated by the narrator and Simone. When Marcelle is brought back to her room, she hangs herself inside this.

Simone's Bedroom

The narrator hides out in this room after the orgy for fear of arrest for indecency.

Simone's Bathroom

While in hiding, the narrator and Simone like to use this room, including the bidet, in their sexual play.


Marcelle is sent to this place after the orgy at Simone's house due to the emotional breakdown this orgy caused her...

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