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Sara Zarr
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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Stacy confess to Deanna?
(a) Stacy wishes she was not with Darren.
(b) Stacy wishes Darren and she got married.
(c) Stacy is pregnant again.
(d) Stacy hates most of her life right now.

2. What triggers a surge of fond memories for Deanna that Sunday morning?
(a) Talking to Lee about something they did as children.
(b) Breakfast with the family.
(c) Talking to Darren about his daughter.
(d) Seeing the place where her dog is buried.

3. Why do some people think Deanna lets Tommy have sex with her?
(a) So she could have the prestige of dating such a popular guy.
(b) She wants to please everyone.
(c) She is intimidated by his status.
(d) So he'd pay attention to Deanna.

4. What does Deanna remember as the first time she felt drawn to Tommy?
(a) When Tommy and Darren were wrestling.
(b) When she first tries makeup.
(c) When Tommy spent the night with Darren and comes downstairs in his pajamas.
(d) When Deanna watched Tommy skiing with Darren.

5. What does Deanna decide will no longer affect her?
(a) Jason's lack of romantic interest in her.
(b) Lee's relationship with Jason.
(c) Her memories of Tommy.
(d) The taunts of the boys at school.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who is Jason?

2. When does Deanna hang out with Stacy?

3. Who is described as overweight but friendly?

4. What do Deanna and Lee do later in the day?

5. To what is Stacy trying to hold on?

Short Essay Questions

1. Who interrupts the assault on Deanna and how is he treated?

2. What comment about church has Deanna thinking about Lee?

3. Who is April and how do Darren and Stacy support her and where do Darren and Stacy live?

4. How does Deanna transform her experience with Tommy?

5. What does Deanna start ascribing to the surfer girl?

6. What argument does Deanna overhear?

7. What happens when Deanna goes to a pizza parlor to drop off a resume?

8. What does Stacy suggest when she picks up Deanna at work?

9. How does Deanna describe Stacy?

10. What does Lee ask Deanna's advice concerning Jason?

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