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Sara Zarr
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What chance does Deanna miss?
(a) Kissing Jason.
(b) Getting Darren to say she can move with them.
(c) Trying to bridge the rift between her and her father.
(d) Putting Tommy in his place.

2. What newly-discovered faith has Deanna found?
(a) In the ability to change.
(b) In people's general good will towards her.
(c) In hope.
(d) In honesty.

3. What does Deanna plan over the next couple days?
(a) How to talk to Lee.
(b) How to repair her relationship with her father.
(c) How to break the news that she is moving out.
(d) A goodbye party for Stacy and Darren.

4. What does Deanna tell her father when he asked how she got home?
(a) Lee.
(b) Walked.
(c) Her boss.
(d) Jason.

5. What does Deanna's mother invite Deanna to do?
(a) Go to the movies with her.
(b) Go to visit Deanna's grandmother.
(c) Cuddle on the couch in front of the television.
(d) Go shopping with her.

6. What does Deanna let go upon reflection?
(a) Her continual self recrimminations.
(b) Her need for revenge.
(c) Her image of her new family.
(d) Her need to control other's thoughts about Deanna.

7. What does Tommy say to Deanna?
(a) It wasn't his fault.
(b) He is sorry.
(c) He was wrong in thinking she was mature.
(d) He did love her.

8. What does Darren think Deanna would do well in doing?
(a) Motherhood.
(b) College.
(c) Counseling others.
(d) Running her own business.

9. Who calms April when she starts to fuss?
(a) Deanna's father.
(b) Deanna's mother.
(c) Darren.
(d) Deanna.

10. What does Darren say to Deanna when she calls him to tell him Stacy is back?
(a) To ask Stacy to please stay put.
(b) He wants Stacy out of the house.
(c) Tell Stacy that April is ill and Darren is at the hospital.
(d) Tell Stacy he will be home shortly.

11. Why does Deanna sneak in through her window?
(a) She lost her front door key.
(b) She does not want to see any of her family.
(c) She is way past her curfew.
(d) She hears fighting in the living room.

12. For what does Stacy thank Deanna?
(a) For accepting her need to get away.
(b) For taking care of April.
(c) For standing up for Stacy.
(d) For talking with Darren.

13. What does Deanna do after crying herself out?
(a) Walks home.
(b) Calls her father.
(c) Calls Darren.
(d) Gets back in the car with Tommy.

14. What does Deanna write about memories?
(a) You can never get away from them.
(b) They are inconvenient.
(c) They are the glass ceiling.
(d) They do fade.

15. What does Deanna's mother try to convince everyone to do?
(a) Eat some instant oatmeal.
(b) Go to the movies together.
(c) Meet in the living room for a family conference.
(d) Go to the zoo together.

Short Answer Questions

1. Where do Jason and Deanna go?

2. What does Deanna find when she goes to the basement?

3. Who does Jason say got upset?

4. Who is late to dinner?

5. What do Darren and Deanna do that evening?

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