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Sara Zarr
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Deanna have to do in order to find out what is happening with Darren and Stacy?
(a) Wait until the morning.
(b) As her parents.
(c) Darren tells her it is not her concern.
(d) Call Stacy.

2. Why does Deanna cry a little?
(a) Thinking about a comment Lee once makes.
(b) Her father calls her a irresponsible brat.
(c) Lee calls and is angry.
(d) Her father is still gruff to her.

3. What does Darren say to Deanna when she calls him to tell him Stacy is back?
(a) Tell Stacy that April is ill and Darren is at the hospital.
(b) To ask Stacy to please stay put.
(c) Tell Stacy he will be home shortly.
(d) He wants Stacy out of the house.

4. What do Darren and Deanna do that evening?
(a) Prepares a dinner for the family.
(b) Writes the first five pages of her book.
(c) Talks to Lee.
(d) Talks to Tommy.

5. What does Deanna tell Stacy she intends to do?
(a) Move out on her own.
(b) Give her summer earnings to her and Darren.
(c) Patch things up with her father.
(d) Start writing a book.

6. What does Deanna think about herself and thinking about Tommy?
(a) She thinks she will heal eventually.
(b) She thinks she is not the brightest person in the world.
(c) She thinks she is very competent at work.
(d) She feels better than she has in a long time.

7. How does Deanna respond to her dad's suspicious questions?
(a) She says she had sex with a person who picked her up when she was hitchhiking.
(b) She says she had sex with Jason.
(c) She says she had sex with her boss.
(d) She says she had sex with Lee.

8. Who arrives at Deanna's work later that day?
(a) Lee.
(b) Jason.
(c) Darren, Stacy, and April.
(d) Some of Tommy's friends.

9. What do both of Deanna's parents seem to have lost?
(a) Their thrill at being grandparents.
(b) Their self respect.
(c) Their desire to do better in life.
(d) Any interest in Deanna.

10. Where do Jason and Deanna go?
(a) To pick up Deanna's mother.
(b) To Picasso's.
(c) A movie.
(d) The mall's food court.

11. What does Michael say Deanna can do?
(a) Close up the place.
(b) Make a pizza to take home.
(c) Leave early.
(d) Skip work the next day.

12. Where does Darren think Stacy may have gone?
(a) To her older sister's house.
(b) To her favorite aunt's house.
(c) To an ex-boyfriend's house.
(d) To a lighthouse.

13. What chance does Deanna miss?
(a) Getting Darren to say she can move with them.
(b) Trying to bridge the rift between her and her father.
(c) Putting Tommy in his place.
(d) Kissing Jason.

14. About what does Stacy say Darren may not be happy?
(a) Her starting to date Tommy again.
(b) Her continued working with Tommy.
(c) Deanna giving them her summer earnings.
(d) Deanna moving out before getting out of high school.

15. Where does Stacy say she has been when she gets back to the house?
(a) At a friend's house.
(b) At her cousin's house.
(c) Wandering the area.
(d) At the lighthouse inn.

Short Answer Questions

1. Why is Deanna leaving the house before Darren gets home?

2. What does Jason say about Lee?

3. Whom does Deanna unsuccessfully try to reach the next morning?

4. What prompts Deanna to reveal her fantasy of being part of Stacy and Darren's life?

5. What happens to Deanna when she is having lunch with Jason?

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