Objects & Places from Story of a Girl

Sara Zarr
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The small city on the west coast of the United States where Deanna, her family, her friends, and her enemies all make their home.

Terra Nova High School

The small school in the small town of Pacifica that Deanna and her friends all attend.

Deanna's Home

Rundown and unkempt since her father lost his job.

Deanna's Bedroom

This place is portrayed as being messy but comfortable.

Deanna's Journal

Deanna begins this with imagined stories of a surfer girl.


A dark, shabby Italian restaurant.

Tommy's Car

A classic Buick.

Stacy's Hair Color

A trigger for one character to act on the escalating sense of boredom building in her.

The Lighthouse

When Stacy runs away, Darren decides this is where Stacy is at.

Dad's Coffee Mug

A symbol of the place where Deanna used to work.

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