Objects & Places from Story of a Girl

Sara Zarr
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Pacifica - The small city on the west coast of the United States where Deanna, her family, her friends, and her enemies all make their home.

Terra Nova High School - The small school in the small town of Pacifica that Deanna and her friends all attend.

Deanna's Home - Rundown and unkempt since her father lost his job.

Deanna's Bedroom - This place is portrayed as being messy but comfortable.

Deanna's Journal - Deanna begins this with imagined stories of a surfer girl.

Picasso's - A dark, shabby Italian restaurant.

Tommy's Car - A classic Buick.

Stacy's Hair Color - A trigger for one character to act on the escalating sense of boredom building in her.

The Lighthouse - When Stacy runs away, Darren decides this is where Stacy is at.

Dad's Coffee Mug - A symbol of the place where Deanna used to work.

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