Story of a Girl Fun Activities

Sara Zarr
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One-act Play

Create a one-act play of the flashback to Deanna getting caught with Tommy.

Drawings of Characters

Draw caricatures of the main characters and then have students guess who the drawing represents. Some characters to include: Deanna, Darren, Stacy, April, Tommy, Jason, Lee, Deanna's Dad, Deanna's Mother, and Michael.


Write letters from Deanna to the following characters: Tommy, Deanna's father, Darren, and Lee.

Book Review

Write a book review of Story of a Girl for the New York Times book section.

Dialogue with Deanna's Father

Write out a dialogue between Deanna and her father that takes place after the end of the book.

Cover Art

Draw and create a computer-generated graphic of a cover design for Story of a Girl. Explain why you created that design.

Book Synopsis

Write a one-page synopsis of Story of a Girl for the cover jacket. The objective is to convince...

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