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Sara Zarr
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Essay Topic 1

Deanna finally speaks her mind to Tommy and to her father. There is clearly the sense here that Deanna is becoming both stronger and more courageous, less self-pitying (a state that some of her journal entries and narration tend to suggest) and less willing to both perceive herself as, and act as, a victim. She is, in short, clearly both ready and willing to move on from her past, a situation that is clearly a contrast to both Darren and her father, and which, as later events confirm, serves to inspire both of them to at least a degree of both letting go and moving on. Deanna is, in short, both a hero in her own life and, as a result, an inspiration in the lives of others.

1. Discuss the ways in which Deanna seems to be changing after speaking her mind to Tommy. Use examples...

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