Story of a Girl Character Descriptions

Sara Zarr
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The book's central character, protagonist, and narrator.


A former regular drug user and now teen father.


A former party girl whose courage and outspokenness Deanna once admired and feared.


Darren and Stacy's infant daughter.


The boy whom Deanna was having sex with when they were discovered by her father.


Deanna's best friend, portrayed in narration as also being something of an outsider.


Smart and witty, this character is an outsider like Deanna and Jason.

Deanna's Dad

Physically strong, emotionally limited, and morally judgmental.

Deanna's Mom

This character seems to avoid dealing directly with any of the situations or circumstances that keep the family from thriving.


The owner and manager of Picasso's, the pizza restaurant where Deanna gets her first job.

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