Story of a Girl Chapter Abstracts for Teachers

Sara Zarr
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Part 1, Chapters 1 and 1A

• Deanna, a teenage girl, narrates this story and tells how her father found her in the back seat of a car with a boy.

• He was Tommy, a seventeen year old boy who was her brother's best friend.

• She is now sixteen and says her father has not really spoken to her or really looked at her since that incident.

• Deanna is taunted by a gang of senior boys who know about the incident, as does the entire school.

• Jason, her best friend interrupts their assault on Deanna. Jason dates Deanna's best friend, Lee.
• Deanna sometimes feels left out around Jason and Lee and she hints that she has romantic feelings towards Jason.

• She walks home from the bus stop and her father and mother meet her at the door.

• Her mother offers ice cream and her father gives hints that she needs to...

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