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Short Answer Questions

1. What is Snapper's part in the roof scam with Avila?

2. Where does Max call when Skink gives him the cell phone to call Bonnie?

3. What is Edie's second plan?

4. How is the one-eyed man torturing Max?

5. Why does Edie want to find a Kennedy?

Short Essay Questions

1. Though Ira Jackson has every right to be angry over the death of his mother, he is no saint himself and perhaps should not be judging Tony so harshly. What indicators has the author given the reader to show that Jackson is not an upstanding character?

2. How does Chapter 8 show that what "goes around, comes around" in the case of Gil Peck?

3. How do Bonnie's responses to Augustine show that she has feelings for her husband and an understanding of who he is?

4. The plot thickens as the reader discovers the depth that Edie and Snapper will go to in order to make money. What is their plan and how do they execute it?

5. In what way is it correct that Jim Tile worries about Skink?

6. What surprising news does Bonnie hear from Pete and how does it change the dynamic of her marriage?

7. Suspense builds throughout Chapter 2. How does the author build that suspense?

8. How does the structure of Chapter 1 differ from a standard novel?

9. How does the political system ruin Clinton Tyree?

10. What conversation do Bonnie and Augustine share that makes it seem as though the two are becoming close?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

How does the background of the author come into play in his creation of this novel?

Essay Topic 2

How does Carl Hiaasen show the darker side of individuals after a natural disaster and why does he do that?

Essay Topic 3

How does the theme of love versus security evolve through the novel? Is the issue ever resolved? In other words, is security better than love in a relationship? Is it better or worse for any particular character in the novel?

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