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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Skink do with the money before he leaves Snapper for good?
(a) He throws it in the lake.
(b) He gives it to Bonnie.
(c) He pees on it.
(d) He burns it.

2. Why do Neria and the professor take Celeste along with them to Florida?
(a) Celeste helps Neria with her fear of flying.
(b) Celeste has family in Florida.
(c) Celeste owns a car; they do not.
(d) Celeste has money; they do not.

3. What does Avila need to do before he heads to The Keys?
(a) Fix his car.
(b) Find Tony's house.
(c) Talk to his wife.
(d) Sacrifice to the Chango.

4. How does Ira respond to Avila when Avila pleads for his life at the end of Chapter 15?
(a) He hits him over the head with a hammer.
(b) Ira says, "I want you to die."
(c) He feeds him to chickens.
(d) Ira says, "You can live after you pay for my mother's death."

5. Why does Max doubt that Bonnie is cheating on him?
(a) She wouldn't want another man.
(b) She is afraid of sexual disease.
(c) She hates lunatics and outlaws.
(d) Because of her religion.

Short Answer Questions

1. Which two men have a brawl in the parking lot of the Paradise Palms?

2. What does Skink pull out of his pockets and line up at his feet when the boat approaches?

3. Who does Edie mistake Levon for in Chapter 19?

4. Who calls Tony's house in Chapter 15?

5. Why couldn't Jim catch the Jeep of Snapper's that he was following?

Short Essay Questions

1. How does Snapper finally get what he deserves?

2. How does Avila's sacrificing backfire?

3. Why does Skink get in the car with Snapper and take Bonnie along with him?

4. How do Edie and Max wind up together?

5. Why don't Skink and Augustine storm Tony's house now that they have found it?

6. What has happened in New York concerning Max's career that enables the reader to see the strong side of Max?

7. How does Bonnie react to Max now that he has been found?

8. Why does Bonnie continue to stay in Florida with Augustine and Skink?

9. How has Max decided to reclaim his wife?

10. How does tension build in the ride in the Jeep on the way to The Keys?

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