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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. When Max asks Skink in Chapter 6 what will happen to him next, what does Skink respond?
(a) The two of them will travel together.
(b) Max will fly back to New York.
(c) Skink will take Max back to the rental car.
(d) They will hunt for monkeys.

2. What does the man with the dachshunds tell Edie to do?
(a) Go now.
(b) Distract Tony.
(c) Follow him to Tony.
(d) Describe her relationship with Tony.

3. How does Jim know that Skink has Max?
(a) He gets a phone call from Skink.
(b) Jim sees them together.
(c) He recognizes his voice on the tape.
(d) Bonnie gets a phone call from Max.

4. How does Snapper get his nickname?
(a) He kept snapper turtles.
(b) He snapped a man's neck once.
(c) His jaw was completely broken.
(d) It was the name of his childhood dog.

5. What do Edie and Snapper bring with them to Tony's house?
(a) A gun.
(b) Blankets.
(c) Food and drink.
(d) A generator.

6. What does Skink do every time Max asks him if Skink is going to shoot him?
(a) Skink shocks him with the collar.
(b) Skink raises the gun to Max's head.
(c) Skink kicks him.
(d) Skink throws water on him.

7. What does Bonnie learn from the little boy with the bike?
(a) Max walks away with the one-eyed man.
(b) Max is still videotaping.
(c) Max is hurt by a falling board.
(d) Max is chasing a monkey.

8. What is the setting of the first chapter?
(a) Lousiana.
(b) Georgia.
(c) Florida.
(d) South Carolina.

9. Why is Augustine's father in jail?
(a) Domestic violence.
(b) He was a thief.
(c) He killed someone.
(d) He was a drug runner.

10. How does Augustine come into all of his money?
(a) A lawsuit from a plane accident.
(b) From his father's drug deals.
(c) A lawsuit from a boating accident.
(d) He robbed a bank.

11. Who is Snapper?
(a) A criminal who hooks up with Edie.
(b) A friend of Jack and Webo's.
(c) The one-eyed man on the bridge.
(d) A criminal who hooks up with Bonnie and Max.

12. What does Snapper do to the female police officer who pulled him over?
(a) He tries to seduce her.
(b) He speeds away from her.
(c) He knocks her out.
(d) He shoots her.

13. Why is Tony sitting with a shotgun on his lap?
(a) He is protecting himself from his customers.
(b) He is protecting himself from Max and Bonnie.
(c) He is protecting himself from Edie and Snapper.
(d) He is protecting himself from looters.

14. What does Bonnie attempt to do after Augustine insults Max?
(a) She agrees with him.
(b) She attempts to leave.
(c) She throws coffee at him.
(d) She tries to smack him.

15. What is the tie between the three sets of characters met in Chapter 1?
(a) Family.
(b) Peabody Hotel.
(c) Disney World.
(d) The hurricane.

Short Answer Questions

1. After talking to Peter in Chapter 6, where does Bonnie ask Augustine to take her?

2. To whose attention is Max Lamb's case finally drawn?

3. What does Augustine do after he hears Max on the answering machine?

4. How many corpses does Bonnie have to look at in the morgue?

5. What does Snapper tell Edie to do with the dachshunds after they meet up again outside of Tony's in Chapter 7?

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