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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why is Max at the bottom of the list of missing persons?
(a) Wayward tourists are not a priority.
(b) He is not a victim of the hurricane.
(c) He is not known to be hurt.
(d) Videotapers are not a priority.

2. How does Tony prove Edie is not paralyzed?
(a) He calls the police.
(b) He pushes her arm with the shotgun.
(c) He drops a branch on her leg.
(d) He shines a flashlight in her face.

3. Why is Gil Peck in Florida?
(a) He is an insurance man.
(b) He wants to scam for money and goods.
(c) He is a friend of Snapper's.
(d) He is part of FEMA.

4. How is the one-eyed man torturing Max?
(a) With fire.
(b) With the monkey.
(c) With a dog shock collar.
(d) With a stick.

5. How does Snapper feel when he sees that Tony is gone and the damage the cinder block did?
(a) He is mad at himself for ruining the money scheme.
(b) He feels that he is a poor bodyguard.
(c) He is worried that Tony might be dead.
(d) He is glad to be rid of Tony.

6. Why does Max chase a monkey?
(a) He wants to help it.
(b) It runs off with his wallet.
(c) He wants to kill it.
(d) It runs off with his camera.

7. Where do Edie and Snapper wait out the storm?
(a) In the house they found that morning.
(b) In a Best Western.
(c) In the car.
(d) In Orlando.

8. What does Skink make Max do to support the products he advertises?
(a) He makes Max drink lots of beer.
(b) He makes Max eat tons of cereal.
(c) He makes him eat a carton of eggs.
(d) He makes Max smoke many cigarettes.

9. Why have Edie and Snapper chosen a house in a neighborhood that the hurricane hit?
(a) To steal whatever they can find.
(b) To seek out victims.
(c) To rescue animals.
(d) To make a fraudulent insurance claim.

10. Where does Max call when Skink gives him the cell phone to call Bonnie?
(a) He calls his parents.
(b) He calls their apartment in New York.
(c) He calls Bonnie's cell phone.
(d) He calls the highway patrol.

11. What does the old man neighbor of Mrs. Jackson want to do to Tony?
(a) Kill him.
(b) Thank him.
(c) Show Tony his ruined trailer.
(d) Take him out to dinner.

12. Why does Bonnie Lamb call Peter Archibald?
(a) To give Peter an update on Max's disappearance.
(b) To give Peter work-related instructions from Max.
(c) To tell Peter that Max is resigning.
(d) To see if Peter has heard from Max.

13. How does Bonnie view the kidnapper?
(a) As a man who will demand ransom.
(b) As a killer.
(c) As a psychopath.
(d) As someone she must figure out.

14. What does Tony Torres do for a living?
(a) He is a police officer.
(b) He is an insurance claims representative.
(c) He is an insurance salesman.
(d) He sells manufactured homes.

15. What do Edie and Snapper bring with them to Tony's house?
(a) A generator.
(b) Food and drink.
(c) Blankets.
(d) A gun.

Short Answer Questions

1. After talking to Peter in Chapter 6, where does Bonnie ask Augustine to take her?

2. Why does Bonnie wake up screaming?

3. Why is Augustine's father in jail?

4. How does Max and Bonnie originally meet?

5. Why is Jim Tile glad to be in South Florida?

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