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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Where do Edie and Snapper wait out the storm?
(a) In the house they found that morning.
(b) In Orlando.
(c) In a Best Western.
(d) In the car.

2. Why does the patrol officers go to the Card Sound Bridge?
(a) A rope is hanging from it.
(b) Five people have called in a jumper.
(c) The bridge has collapsed.
(d) Cars are stuck on it.

3. How does Augustine make his money?
(a) He owns a zoo.
(b) He works on a boat.
(c) Through an insurance claim.
(d) He sells imported animals.

4. When Max asks Skink in Chapter 6 what will happen to him next, what does Skink respond?
(a) Max will fly back to New York.
(b) They will hunt for monkeys.
(c) Skink will take Max back to the rental car.
(d) The two of them will travel together.

5. How does Edie's scam get noticed by the insurance man?
(a) He finds a wedding picture of Tony and Neria.
(b) She tries to seduce him.
(c) He can tell she is lying.
(d) Edie answers a question wrong about the house.

6. Why has the one-eyed man kidnapped Max?
(a) He wants Max's camera.
(b) He wants Max's money.
(c) Max was throwing trash in the water.
(d) Max was mistreating the monkey.

7. In Chapter 8 what does Augustine tell Bonnie that the surgical intern he dated had tried to do to him?
(a) Take his blood.
(b) Sew up a wound.
(c) MInimize a scar.
(d) Cut out his kidney.

8. Why is Gil Peck in Florida?
(a) He is part of FEMA.
(b) He is an insurance man.
(c) He is a friend of Snapper's.
(d) He wants to scam for money and goods.

9. Who do Bonnie and Augustine meet at the morgue in Chapter 10?
(a) Max.
(b) Jim Tile.
(c) Skink.
(d) Snapper.

10. What do the kids want who drive up behind Snapper and follow him for a bit?
(a) They want to beat him.
(b) They want to see if he has a gun.
(c) They want directions.
(d) They want to rob him.

11. Why does Max chase a monkey?
(a) It runs off with his camera.
(b) He wants to kill it.
(c) He wants to help it.
(d) It runs off with his wallet.

12. Towards the end of Chapter 7, Skink gives Max a long shock. What makes him so angry at Max?
(a) Max tries to escape.
(b) Max cries about his lack of clothing.
(c) Max tries to hit Skink.
(d) Max does not know the answers to questions about Florida.

13. How does Jim know that Skink has Max?
(a) Bonnie gets a phone call from Max.
(b) He recognizes his voice on the tape.
(c) He gets a phone call from Skink.
(d) Jim sees them together.

14. What is the tie between the three sets of characters met in Chapter 1?
(a) Family.
(b) The hurricane.
(c) Peabody Hotel.
(d) Disney World.

15. Why are Jack and Drake stuck on US 1?
(a) The car is broken down.
(b) Everyone is evacuating the Keys because of the hurricane.
(c) Some crazy man has stopped them.
(d) The hurricane has hit the Keys.

Short Answer Questions

1. At the beginning of Chapter 6, what does Skink allow Max to do that he has not allowed before?

2. With what does Augustine juggle?

3. How does Snapper get his nickname?

4. Why does Snapper call Avila?

5. What does Augustine do to the drunk construction worker?

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