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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. With what does Augustine juggle?
(a) Eggs.
(b) Human skulls.
(c) Lit torches.
(d) Knives.

2. What does Gil Peck find attached to the satellite dish?
(a) Max's body.
(b) Two dachshunds.
(c) A woman with a Cartier watch.
(d) Tony's body.

3. What does the man with the dachshunds tell Edie to do?
(a) Distract Tony.
(b) Follow him to Tony.
(c) Describe her relationship with Tony.
(d) Go now.

4. What surprising information does Bonnie learn from Pete in Chapter 8?
(a) Max told Pete there were marital problems--not an abduction.
(b) Max told Pete he was on an adventure.
(c) Max told Pete he quit his job.
(d) Max talked to Pete without mentioning Bonnie.

5. Why does Edie want to find a Kennedy?
(a) To scam them out of money.
(b) She wants to meet someone famous.
(c) She is a big fan.
(d) She is hoping to marry a Kennedy.

6. Who is Snapper?
(a) A friend of Jack and Webo's.
(b) A criminal who hooks up with Edie.
(c) The one-eyed man on the bridge.
(d) A criminal who hooks up with Bonnie and Max.

7. Why is the trooper sent to Miami?
(a) To help clear traffic for the rescue convoys.
(b) To patrol neighborhoods for looters.
(c) To rescue animals.
(d) To find hurricane victims.

8. What is Snapper's part in the roof scam with Avila?
(a) To hand up the tiles to the other men.
(b) To watch for government officials.
(c) To lay the tar.
(d) To get the contract.

9. How does Edie's scam get noticed by the insurance man?
(a) He can tell she is lying.
(b) She tries to seduce him.
(c) He finds a wedding picture of Tony and Neria.
(d) Edie answers a question wrong about the house.

10. How do Brenda and Jim meet?
(a) At the bridge after the hurricane.
(b) At a trial.
(c) At an insurance conference.
(d) At a police seminar.

11. Why does Bonnie stop looking for Max?
(a) She meets Augustine.
(b) She becomes lost.
(c) She gets hit in the head with a board.
(d) She is too angry to look further.

12. What do Edie and Snapper bring with them to Tony's house?
(a) Blankets.
(b) A gun.
(c) Food and drink.
(d) A generator.

13. Why doesn't Edie's plan concerning the Kennedys' work?
(a) She gets arrested.
(b) They leave Palm Beach for the summer.
(c) They know she is a scam artist.
(d) She never meets a Kennedy.

14. How much money does Tony offer Edie and Snapper?
(a) $5,000 each.
(b) Nothing.
(c) $1,000 each.
(d) $10,000 each.

15. What is Edie's second plan?
(a) To rob the Peabody Hotel.
(b) To break into a house that will be hit by the hurricane.
(c) To go to Disney with Snapper.
(d) To scam Bonnie and Max.

Short Answer Questions

1. Why does Bonnie's mother dislike Max?

2. When Max asks Skink in Chapter 6 what will happen to him next, what does Skink respond?

3. What is the old man in search of at Beatrice Jackson's home?

4. How does Snapper get his nickname?

5. After talking to Peter in Chapter 6, where does Bonnie ask Augustine to take her?

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