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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. When Augustine visits his father in jail, what does his father want Augustine to do for him?
(a) Finish a drug deal for him.
(b) Find him a good lawyer.
(c) Take a message to Augustine's mother.
(d) Help him escape.

2. What does Snapper walk away with after meeting Mrs. Whitmark?
(a) Dog bites.
(b) $7,000 cash.
(c) A roofing contract.
(d) Nothing.

3. How does Edie get her dress?
(a) She sews it.
(b) She buys it.
(c) She steals it.
(d) She borrows it.

4. What does Skink smoke?
(a) Cigarettes.
(b) Cigars.
(c) Toad.
(d) Snake.

5. Why are Jack and Drake stuck on US 1?
(a) Everyone is evacuating the Keys because of the hurricane.
(b) The car is broken down.
(c) Some crazy man has stopped them.
(d) The hurricane has hit the Keys.

6. Why does Edie call Tony "a regular Nostrodamus"?
(a) Tony predicted the hurricane.
(b) Tony states that he knew they would come back.
(c) Tony knows his wife won't show up.
(d) Tony intuitively knows the insurance salesman is on his way.

7. What does Augustine do after he hears Max on the answering machine?
(a) He tells Bonnie to forget Max.
(b) He calls the FBI.
(c) He tells Bonnie that Max has made the whole thing up.
(d) He calls the police.

8. What organization was Snapper's parents involved in when he was young?
(a) The Black Panthers
(b) The Peace Corps.
(c) The Ku Klux Klan.
(d) Greenpeace.

9. How does Snapper feel when he sees that Tony is gone and the damage the cinder block did?
(a) He feels that he is a poor bodyguard.
(b) He is mad at himself for ruining the money scheme.
(c) He is worried that Tony might be dead.
(d) He is glad to be rid of Tony.

10. How does Tony prove Edie is not paralyzed?
(a) He calls the police.
(b) He pushes her arm with the shotgun.
(c) He shines a flashlight in her face.
(d) He drops a branch on her leg.

11. What does Tony propose to Edie as a new deal?
(a) Edie will compensate Tony for her scam.
(b) Edie will pose as his wife for the insurance company.
(c) Edie should choose a new victim.
(d) Edie should become Tony's maid.

12. Whose body is in the morgue?
(a) Edie's.
(b) Skink's.
(c) Tony's.
(d) Max's.

13. Why is Jim Tile glad to be in South Florida?
(a) It makes him feel warm-hearted to help others.
(b) He wants to find his friend, Skink.
(c) He wants to be able to see Brenda, his girlfriend.
(d) He is curious about hurricanes.

14. In Chapter 9, what becomes of the dachshunds?
(a) They are eaten by a bear.
(b) Ira Jackson takes them back.
(c) They run away.
(d) They are gone from their leashes and collars.

15. Why has the one-eyed man kidnapped Max?
(a) He wants Max's money.
(b) He wants Max's camera.
(c) Max was mistreating the monkey.
(d) Max was throwing trash in the water.

Short Answer Questions

1. What is Max's tone in Chapter 7 when he calls and leaves a message for the second time?

2. Why are Max and Bonnie in Orlando?

3. Why is the trooper sent to Miami?

4. Where does Edie say she is going to go with her seventy grand?

5. How does Snapper get his nickname?

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