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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Bonnie learn from the little boy with the bike?
(a) Max walks away with the one-eyed man.
(b) Max is chasing a monkey.
(c) Max is hurt by a falling board.
(d) Max is still videotaping.

2. What does the old man neighbor of Mrs. Jackson want to do to Tony?
(a) Thank him.
(b) Kill him.
(c) Show Tony his ruined trailer.
(d) Take him out to dinner.

3. In Chapter 8 what does Augustine tell Bonnie that the surgical intern he dated had tried to do to him?
(a) Cut out his kidney.
(b) MInimize a scar.
(c) Sew up a wound.
(d) Take his blood.

4. Who is Snapper?
(a) A criminal who hooks up with Edie.
(b) A criminal who hooks up with Bonnie and Max.
(c) A friend of Jack and Webo's.
(d) The one-eyed man on the bridge.

5. Who helps Bonnie after she gets hit in the head?
(a) Augustine.
(b) The police.
(c) Tony Torres.
(d) The boy with the bike.

6. What does the man with the two dachshunds throw at Tony?
(a) A cinder block.
(b) A piece of a trailer.
(c) A dachshund.
(d) A Remington.

7. Why are Max and Bonnie in Orlando?
(a) To visit friends.
(b) For their honeymoon.
(c) To set up a scam.
(d) To celebrate their graduation.

8. Why is Max at the bottom of the list of missing persons?
(a) He is not a victim of the hurricane.
(b) Wayward tourists are not a priority.
(c) He is not known to be hurt.
(d) Videotapers are not a priority.

9. What is the boy doing when Max videotapes him?
(a) He is playing with a monkey?
(b) He is crying.
(c) He is looking through the debris in his house.
(d) He is pulling his bike out of a tree.

10. Where is Tony sitting when Snapper and Edie arrive back at his house the next day?
(a) On the front porch in a rocking chair.
(b) In the living room.
(c) In a lounge chair on the front lawn.
(d) On the driveway.

11. Where does Edie say she is going to go with her seventy grand?
(a) Fiji.
(b) Hawaii.
(c) Washington D.C.
(d) Hyannis Port.

12. What is Snapper's part in the roof scam with Avila?
(a) To lay the tar.
(b) To hand up the tiles to the other men.
(c) To get the contract.
(d) To watch for government officials.

13. What is Clinton Tyree's nickname?
(a) C.T.
(b) Snapper.
(c) Gov.
(d) Skink.

14. Why does Bonnie Lamb call Peter Archibald?
(a) To tell Peter that Max is resigning.
(b) To see if Peter has heard from Max.
(c) To give Peter an update on Max's disappearance.
(d) To give Peter work-related instructions from Max.

15. Why have Edie and Snapper chosen a house in a neighborhood that the hurricane hit?
(a) To make a fraudulent insurance claim.
(b) To steal whatever they can find.
(c) To rescue animals.
(d) To seek out victims.

Short Answer Questions

1. At the end of Chapter 8, what happens to Gil Peck?

2. What does Snapper do to Edie in the driveway?

3. What do Edie and Snapper bring with them to Tony's house?

4. What does Tony make Snapper and Edie explain to him once he brings them in the house?

5. Why does Ira blame himself for his mother's death?

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