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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 8.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Tony ask Edie and Snapper to do after he discovers their scam?
(a) He asks them to come inside his house.
(b) He asks them to sue his neighbor instead.
(c) He asks them to leave.
(d) He asks them to give him a piece of their claim.

2. What do the kids want who drive up behind Snapper and follow him for a bit?
(a) They want to rob him.
(b) They want directions.
(c) They want to beat him.
(d) They want to see if he has a gun.

3. What happens to Augustine's uncle?
(a) He leaves his home before the storm.
(b) He dies of a snake bite.
(c) He dies of a fight with a bear.
(d) He dies in the hurricane.

4. When Augustine visits his father in jail, what does his father want Augustine to do for him?
(a) Help him escape.
(b) Take a message to Augustine's mother.
(c) Finish a drug deal for him.
(d) Find him a good lawyer.

5. What does Skink do every time Max asks him if Skink is going to shoot him?
(a) Skink throws water on him.
(b) Skink kicks him.
(c) Skink shocks him with the collar.
(d) Skink raises the gun to Max's head.

Short Answer Questions

1. Why does Bonnie wake up screaming?

2. What does Skink give as the reason that he abducted Max?

3. Why does Max chase a monkey?

4. What does Tony make Snapper and Edie explain to him once he brings them in the house?

5. Why is the one-eyed man angry with Jack and Webo?

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