Objects & Places from Stormy Weather

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Torres Home

The place in which Edie and Snapper attempt to make an insurance claim.

Insurance Papers

Found in Edie's purse by Augustine which he uses later in the novel to prove her guilt.

Glass Eye

An object belonging to Skink which makes him somewhat unique.

Bronco Cigarettes

The product that Max campaigns for that almost destroys his career.

Fed Ex Envelope

Delivered to Neria's home; this contains two checks.

Answering Machine

The communication device between Bonnie and Max when they are separated in the storm.


Augustine likes to juggle these.


Skink has a large collection of these at his campsite.

The Club

Skink puts this into Snapper's mouth as a form of torture after capturing him in the aftermath of Tile's shooting.

Redial Button

Augustine figures out where Skink and Bonnie have been taken when he pushes this.

Dog Collar

Skink puts this on Max...

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