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Lesson 1 (from Chapter 1)


Chapter 1

Characterization includes the moral make-up of the character. Students will identify the characters introduced in the first chapter and analyze their moral make-up through indirect and direct characterization. Direct characterization is when the writer makes direct statements about a character's personality and tells what the character is like. In Indirect characterization, the writer reveals information about a character and his personality through that character's thoughts, words, and actions, along with how other characters respond to that character, including what they think and say about him.

Chapter 1

The opening of this novel is different than a standard story. Students will identify the structure of the novel by recognizing that there are three sets of unrelated characters whose only common ground is an oncoming hurricane.


Tasks, Ideas, Challenges and Homework.

1. Class discussion: How does Hiassen describe Max both physically and emotionally? What does the reader learn...

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