Stormy Weather Fun Activities

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If you were Max

If you were Max, what would you do if you were abducted? Would you escape? How? Would you stay? Why? Tell your story to the class.

Storm Watch

On the weather channel, find a Storm Watch episode. Watch it and tell the class what you saw, relating it to the book somehow.

Which President?

Research who was the President of the U.S. during Hurricane Andrew? Did he visit the sights? How often? What did the federal government do for the victims?

Tell a Friend

Tell a friend about your favorite scene from the novel.

Choose 30 vocabulary words and put them in a word search puzzle.

Preserving Poetry

Write a poem using the theme of preserving the land from mankind. The poem may be free verse. It must have 4 stanzas.

The Lion and Avila.

Draw the scene with the lion and...

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