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Chapter 1

• Max and Bonnie Lamb take their honeymoon in Orlando, Florida.

• A major hurricane is on its way to Miami, Florida.

• Max and Bonnie decide they will visit Epcot the following day, even in the rain.

• Max packs the suitcases as Bonnie believes he has come to his senses and plans to return to NYC.

• Max tells Bonnie they are heading to Miami for a once-in-a-lifetime look at a major storm.
• Edie Marsh heads to Palm Beach, Florida with plans to sleep with a Kennedy in order to scheme money from the famous family.

• After six months, she meets two and goes on a date with one, but he wants nothing sexual.

• Edie gives up the plan when Palm Beach cleans out for the summer.

• Edie meets up with two guys named Snapper and Avila to find a house where the hurricane will hit.

• Jack Feming and Webo...

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