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Denise Giardina
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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Where does Rondal go after the accident?
(a) California.
(b) Justice County.
(c) Hazard County.
(d) Alaska.

2. What does Albion ask Carrie concerning her mood?
(a) If she is missing someone.
(b) If she is pregnant.
(c) If she could love him.
(d) If she is drunk.

3. For whom are the miners cheering?
(a) The mining camp.
(b) Annadel.
(c) No one.
(d) Everyone.

4. What story does Rondal tell a black church congregation?
(a) About a black miner being made to test the air without a mask.
(b) About Johnson being thrown in front of a coal car and crushed.
(c) About the fact that the black miners work the most dangerous jobs for half the pay.
(d) About Johnson being thrown into the furnace.

5. What does the union pass out to miners?
(a) Pistols.
(b) Helmets.
(c) Leaflets to pass out.
(d) Rifles.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Carrie tell Dr. Booker?

2. What kind of job does Albion have when he returns to Homeplace?

3. Who does Rondal find at Carrie's tent?

4. How do they get miners to the staging area?

5. What do the miners discuss at a meeting in the Fall?

Short Essay Questions

1. Where does Carrie go when the fighting begins and what does she tell Dr. Booker? What is his response?

2. Why does Rondal visit Homeplace and what is Carrie's response?

3. What do the miners do during the summer after the strike begins and why does Rondal have to leave?

4. Why is Carrie relieved about the mine explosion and how does she help after it happened?

5. How are Albion and Isom killed?

6. How does Rondal change his methods and why does he change them?

7. Why do Rondal, Carrie and Booker leave Charleston and where will they have to pass through to get where they are going?

8. What do Rondal and Carrie hear about what is happening in the mining camps?

9. What happens when Isom tries to arrest the gun thugs in May of 1920?

10. What do Carrie and Albion do after marrying?

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