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Anthony Horowitz
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Alex discover on his uncle's car when he visits the salvage yard in Chapter 2, "Heaven for Cars"?
(a) Bullet-holes.
(b) Bird poop.
(c) Tree sap.
(d) Blood.

2. How old was Alex when his parents died?
(a) 12 years old.
(b) 4 years old.
(c) 18 months old.
(d) A few weeks old.

3. Alex's Condor Junior Roadracer was custom built for him for what birthday?
(a) Twelfth.
(b) Eighteenth.
(c) Sixteenth.
(d) Seventeenth.

4. What color are Alex Rider's eyes?
(a) Brown.
(b) Green.
(c) Blue.
(d) Yellow.

5. How does Alex enter Ian Rider's office in Chapter 3, "Royal and General"?
(a) In a wheelchair.
(b) Screaming loudly.
(c) Through the door.
(d) Through the window.

6. What flag hangs from a pole over the Royal and General building?
(a) Egyptian.
(b) United States.
(c) Union Jack.
(d) Jolly Roger.

7. How many huts were there at the training camp Alex went to after meeting with Mr. Blunt and Mrs. Jones?
(a) 4.
(b) 13.
(c) 17.
(d) 9.

8. What time does Alex's watch say when he first looks at it upon waking in Chapter 4, "So What Do You Say?"
(a) Four o'clock.
(b) Twelve o'clock.
(c) Three o'clock.
(d) Eight o'clock.

9. The training sergeant tells Alex that if he complains, he'll be what, in Chapter 5, "Double O Nothing"?
(a) Boxed.
(b) Squashed.
(c) Binned.
(d) Shelved.

10. Where is the house where Alex grew up?
(a) Chelsea, London.
(b) Kingston, London.
(c) Hackney, London.
(d) Greenwich, London.

11. What nickname do the members of Alex's unit give him?
(a) Alexander the Great.
(b) Aim Right Alex.
(c) Angry Bear.
(d) Double O Nothing.

12. What is described as a mock-up of an embassy used to train the SAS in the art of hostage release in the novel?
(a) The Killing House.
(b) Coffin Mansion.
(c) The Warehouse of Negotiations.
(d) The Barn of Lost Souls.

13. What giant creature is in the aquarium at Sayle Enterprises?
(a) An octopus.
(b) A shark.
(c) A jellyfish.
(d) A ray.

14. To what room does Mr. Sayle tell his butler to take Alex in Chapter 7, "Physalia Physalia"?
(a) The dining room.
(b) The living room.
(c) The blue room.
(d) The white room.

15. What was the name of Alex Rider's uncle?
(a) Alex Rider.
(b) Herod Sayle.
(c) Ian Rider.
(d) Jack Starbright.

Short Answer Questions

1. Alex had been collected that morning from a converted church where in Chapter 7, "Physalia Physalia"?

2. What is the occupation of Felix Lester's mother?

3. Who is the head of the bank where Ian Rider worked?

4. How is the house described that Alex is driven to at Sayle Enterprises in Chapter 7, "Physalia Physalia"?

5. What was Mr. Sayle's butler's occupation, before he became a butler?

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