Objects & Places from Stormbreaker

Anthony Horowitz
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Ian Rider's Car

Alex finds this object in a salvage yard in London and discovers that it has clearly been shot with a high powered, assault rifle.


Alex is given this object that has a special nylon cord in it and a motor so that he might use it while climbing or in other such incidences while he on a mission for MI6.

Zit Cream

Alex is given this substance that is actually a chemical that can dissolve metal on contact.

Game Boy

Alex is given this object that has four cartridges that allow him to fax material to MI6, X-ray objects, contact MI6, search for bugs, and release a smoke bomb.

Metal Boxes

Yassen brings these objects to Sayle Enterprise, and Alex later learns contain the vials of the modified smallpox virus.


Yassen Gregorovich brings objects to Port Tallon in this vessel.

Ian Rider's Home Office

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