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Jim Butcher
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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Marcone say is the only thing he has been able to learn from any of the people that they catch that work for the murderer?
(a) The man is always in the shadows.
(b) That he is unstoppable.
(c) That it is a woman.
(d) That he speaks to them in dreams.

2. What does Harry see in Victor's house with his Third Eye?
(a) Danger.
(b) Death.
(c) Devils.
(d) Redemption.

3. Who does Monica say her husband found as backers for his ThreeEye drug creations?
(a) Bad cops.
(b) Street junkies.
(c) The Beckitts.
(d) Different kinds of politicians and officials.

4. What does Harry smell from his attacker after creating a spell in chapter sixteen?
(a) Fecal matter.
(b) Blood.
(c) Cologne.
(d) Shampoo.

5. What does the little man say that he is when Harry accuses him of being the killer?
(a) A client of Linda's.
(b) A photographer.
(c) A friend of Linda's.
(d) Linda's brother.

Short Answer Questions

1. Where does Harry initially hide when someone enters the apartment in chapter nineteen?

2. What does Susan ask Harry when he tells her to get down into his lab?

3. What does Donny say that he intends to do with the film?

4. What wakes Harry up in the beginning of chapter thirteen?

5. What is the reason that Linda Randall missed her appointment with Harry on Saturday night?

Short Essay Questions

1. What does the photographer tell Harry about what he knows in chapter nineteen?

2. What does Harry decide when Murphy asks him to tell her what he knows and what he is keeping hidden in chapter fifteen?

3. Describe the scene in chapter sixteen when Harry is attacked.

4. What happens when Harry tells Susan to drink the escape potion in the lab?

5. What happens when Harry goes into McAnally's in chapter twenty-three?

6. What does Harry see at Victor's house when he opens his Third Eye?

7. What does Harry realize in chapter thirteen when he awakens to a thunderstorm?

8. What happens when Harry first arrives at Marcone's club?

9. In chapter twenty-three Harry has to walk away from an injured Murphy. What is Harry thinking of as he walks away?

10. What does Harry find when he enters his office in chapter twenty-two?

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