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Jim Butcher
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Monica say her husband used at first to create more of the ThreeEye drug?
(a) Demon magic.
(b) His love.
(c) His own life force.
(d) His anger.

2. What does Murphy say about the Beckitt's daughter?
(a) She ran away.
(b) She was kidnapped.
(c) She was killed in a gang fight.
(d) She lives out of town but came by to visit Linda.

3. What does Harry say that wizards do not use magic to do?
(a) Destroy.
(b) To control the universe.
(c) To create love.
(d) Personal gain.

4. What does Monica say is one of the things that would happen when her husband would get angry after he found the magic?
(a) Doors crash open.
(b) Plates fly out onto the floor.
(c) Drapes catch on fire.
(d) Table levitate.

5. After soul gazing with Monica what does Harry realizes is the reason that Monica asked for Harry's help?
(a) Her two kids.
(b) She was insane.
(c) She was Linda's lover.
(d) She hated her husband.

6. What does Harry say his father spoke to him of every night before he went to bed?
(a) Respecting magic.
(b) Harry's mother.
(c) The importance of being honest.
(d) Harry's talent.

7. What does the little man say that he is when Harry accuses him of being the killer?
(a) A client of Linda's.
(b) Linda's brother.
(c) A friend of Linda's.
(d) A photographer.

8. What does Marcone say is the only thing he has been able to learn from any of the people that they catch that work for the murderer?
(a) The man is always in the shadows.
(b) That it is a woman.
(c) That he is unstoppable.
(d) That he speaks to them in dreams.

9. What does Donny say that he intends to do with the film?
(a) Trash it.
(b) Give it to the tabloids.
(c) Burn it.
(d) Keep it for insurance.

10. What does Harry see under his fingernails in chapter sixteen after the fight?
(a) Hair.
(b) Blood.
(c) Dirt.
(d) Skin.

11. What does Harry realize he could do if he wanted to when he arrives at Victor's house in chapter twenty-four?
(a) Stand there and wait to die.
(b) Call the White Council.
(c) Go get Morgan.
(d) Destroy the house and everyone in it.

12. What does Harry say that he is doing in chapter eighteen when he asks himself what he is doing?
(a) Running away.
(b) Loosing himself in a bottle of scotch.
(c) Lying down to die.
(d) Quiting.

13. What magic item does Harry have left after getting out of his office in chapter twenty-three?
(a) His bracelet.
(b) His mother's talisman.
(c) His father's trick dice.
(d) His blasting rod.

14. What does Harry say will kill the monster if he touches it?
(a) Rain.
(b) Running water.
(c) Holy ground.
(d) Bunnies.

15. What does Susan say at the end of chapter fourteen after she has thrown up all the potions?
(a) She hates Harry.
(b) It is the worst night of her life.
(c) She thinks Harry has drugged her.
(d) She has never had so much fun.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Murphy hand to Harry, splattered with Linda's blood, after the other men leave with Linda's body?

2. How old does Monica say that her son was when her husband discovered magic?

3. What does Harry tell Susan to do while he is holding off the demon?

4. What does the attacker take from Harry?

5. What does Monica have painted in her kitchen?

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