Storm Front Short Essay - Answer Key

Jim Butcher
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1. Describe what happens in chapter one when the mail man comes to Harry's door.

Harry can hear the mail man laughing. The new mail man asked if Harry was legitimate and asks about what Harry does. Harry gives a brief explanation but it is clear that the mail man doesn't really believe what Harry is saying. Harry eventually insults the man by being rude.

2. What happens when the mysterious woman calls Harry in chapter one?

She tells Harry that her name is Monica although Harry thinks that this is most likely not her real name. The woman explains that she needs help looking for her husband and says that the police can't help. She doesn't give any specifics to Harry as to why she needs a wizard rather than the police but Harry agrees to meet with her for a free consultation.

3. How does Harry describe his business?

Harry is a practicing wizard and is the only one in the country. He advertises in the yellow pages but explains that the doesn't do love potions or endless purses. He is behind on his bills because he doesn't get much work although he does act as a consult for the police form time to time, primarily Lieutenant Murphy.

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