Objects & Places from Storm Front

Jim Butcher
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Harry Desden's Office

This place is located in mid-town Chicago, on an upper floor, and devoid of any modern technological equipment. This is where Murphy is attacked by the giant scorpion.

The Madison Hotel

This place is the scene of the double homicide.

Black Duster

This is Harry's signature coat that Murphy believes belongs on the set of El Dorado.


This the act of creating something on a small scale and then giving it enough energy to happen on a large scale. The perpetrator only needs hair, fingernails, or blood to create a voodoo scenario.


This is the parallel world that is not of the modern world. It is the world of the vampire, the faerie, the sorcerer.

White Council

This is the ruling entity over all that is magic. Harry fears them because they would like to destroy him, they do not trust Harry.


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