Daily Lessons for Teaching Storm Front

Jim Butcher
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Lesson 1 (from Chapters 1 - 3)


There are obviously a lot of skepticism in the story. The objective of this lesson is to look at skepticism.


1) Discussion: Have the students explain what skepticism means. What does it indicate that someone might be skeptical?

2) Classwork: Ask the students to pick out the characters in the book that show skepticism in one way or another and explain how it is shown.

3) Homework: Have the students write a story based on a skeptical character. Ask the students to spend extra time working out the details of the character. Do the characters created seem to have some of the same characteristics in their personalities that make them skeptical?

4) Debate: Have the students debate the inability to not have some skepticism in their personality. Ask the students to debate the positives to having a fair amount of skepticism.

Lesson 2 (from Chapters 1 - 3)


There are many terms and phrases...

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