Storm Front Fun Activities

Jim Butcher
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Using an online program create a crossword puzzle using people, places and objects found in Storm Front.

Harry's New Jingle

Harry decides that his business would do more if he had a jingle to play on the radio. Create a snappy jingle for Harry advertising his services and providing other information.

Scorpion Watch Dogs

Victor Sells decides he can sell the scorpions to use as watch dogs. Create an infomercial to try and sell the new products.

Faerie Pizza

There is a new pizza place started simply to supply the faerie population. Explain what would go on the pizzas and where they would deliver to. Put out an add for new delivery boys and explain the unique way that this pizza place works.

Murphy's Issues

Murphy obviously has her own issues that she needs to deal with. Have Murphy go to a shrink and decide what it...

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