Storm Front Chapter Abstracts for Teachers

Jim Butcher
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Chapters 1 - 3

• Harry Dresden gets a call from a woman needing to find her husband explaining that she can't go to the police and makes an appointment to see Harry.

• Harry receives a call from Murphy asking him to come to a murder scene.

• Harry explains that the two bodies were killed by magic.

• The woman killed worked for a vampire as an escort.

• Crime boss, John Marcone, gives Harry a ride home and asks Harry that he stay out of the investigation so Marcone can handle the situation himself.

Chapters 4 - 6

• Harry meets with Monica although she refuses to look him in the eye.

• Monica gives Harry a scorpion that had belonged to her husband along with five hundred dollars.

• Harry goes to the pub where Susan Rodriguez asks Harry out on a date.

• Harry goes to Victor's house and decides that someone is there despite no...

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