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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is the weather like in "A Woman on the Roof"?
(a) Rainy.
(b) Very hot.
(c) Snowing.
(d) Mild.

2. How does Rose's father die?
(a) Drowning.
(b) A bombing during the war.
(c) Cancer.
(d) A heart attack.

3. What does Mary purchase during a layover in Paris?
(a) A bowl.
(b) Espadrilles.
(c) Sunglasses.
(d) Purse.

4. What profession do Hamish and Mary share?
(a) Attorney.
(b) Writer.
(c) Ski instructor.
(d) Physician.

5. Where do Jerry and his mother go for a holiday?
(a) The mountains.
(b) The beach.
(c) A ski resort.
(d) A city.

6. The person in #47 shows his ________________ to Hamish and Mary.
(a) files.
(b) photographs.
(c) paintings.
(d) books.

7. Where is the couple sitting in "Wine"?
(a) Doctor's office.
(b) A coffee shop.
(c) Museum.
(d) Bus station.

8. Why does Mr. Brooks in "The Witness" continue to work past retirement age?
(a) He is an expert at what he does.
(b) He needs the money.
(c) He is training someone to take over.
(d) He is the owner of the company.

9. Who does George eventually marry?
(a) Bobby.
(b) Marlene.
(c) Tammy.
(d) Sandy.

10. The author says that she is always ____________________.
(a) wishing she were somewhere else.
(b) running late.
(c) writing a novel in her head.
(d) searching for her next great love.

11. Who is another woman that Jimmie starts seeing?
(a) Eunice.
(b) Margaret.
(c) Pearl.
(d) Patricia.

12. Why do Mary and her husband choose not to stay in their usual accommodations this year?
(a) It is booked up.
(b) It is too expensive.
(c) It is being remodeled.
(d) It is in decline.

13. Who does Rose decide to adopt?
(a) Addie.
(b) Sara.
(c) Jill.
(d) Justine.

14. Why are Hamish and Mary uncomfortable on their vacation?
(a) They lost their traveler's checks.
(b) They remember Hitler's devastation.
(c) They are sunburned.
(d) They are quarreling.

15. Jerry watches boys dive and then ___________________.
(a) go boating.
(b) go home.
(c) swim through a tunnel.
(d) float in the water.

Short Answer Questions

1. What is Hamish's last name?

2. What is the name of the resort town where the young couple is on vacation?

3. What has become evident to George regarding Rose?

4. What does the woman do when the men whistle at her?

5. How old is Harry?

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