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Rose appears in The Other Woman

She is a young adult when her mother is killed by a lorry truck.

Maureen Watson appears in Notes for a Case History

She is born at 93 Nelson's Way, the daughter of a middle class family, though she has many advantages not given to her friends.

Hetty Penefather appears in An Old Woman and Her Cat

She is a widow who has completely lost contact with her four grown children.

Susan Rawlings appears in To Room Nineteen

She realizes that she's fortunate to have her life with a husband who is outwardly devoted, four healthy children and a large house.

Jimmie appears in The Other Woman

He is an adulterer, and even after he gets a divorce, he continues to lie to a woman about his marital status in order to keep from having to marry her.

George Talbot appears in The Habit of Loving

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