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The Habit of Loving, The Woman, Through the Tunnel

• In "The Habit of Loving" George Talbot is sixty-years-old and living in London when he discovers that the woman he has had an affair with for several years, Myra, is not willing to return to him from Africa where she moved when he was out of town.

• George flounders and reconnects with his ex-wife and asks her to marry him but she declines as she is marrying someone else.

• George falls ill due to heartache and his ex-wife finds a nurse named Bobby Tippitt to care for him.

• George eventually marries Bobby because of their mutual love for the theater.

• As the marriage progresses, Bobby becomes more distant from George and begins wearing frumpy clothes because she thinks it is time that she grew up.

• George closes his eyes to avoid looking at her.
• In "The Woman" two men--Herr...

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