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Family tree

Find a partner to work on an art project. Make a Pomeroy family tree, describe each member, what they do for a living, and how the rest of the family feels about him or her.

Laud's Head

Divide into groups of three or four. Online or in the library, look up on a map Laud's Head, the setting for "Goodbye My Brother" exist? Does Laud's Head exist? What kind of place is it. Pretend you are preparing a short description for a book on tourism. Note location, tourists spots, the industries there, etc.

The Westcott's radio

Try to determine what time period "The Enormous Radio" is supposed to occur. Online, find pictures of the first radio you think they had and then find a picture of new radio you think resembles the one that Jim brought home.


Get into small groups and come up with...

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