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Chapters 1-8

• In "Goodbye My Brother," the Pomeroy family gathers for an annual get-together.
• In "Goodbye My Brother," Lawrence disowns himself from the family.
• In "The Enormous Radio," Irene and Jim Westcott love classical music on their radio, but it breaks.
• In The Enormous Radio," Jim comes home with a new radio, which Irene hates because it is so big.
• In "O City of Broken Dreams," the Malloys pack up everything to follow Evarts dream to Manhatten all because of play he has written.

Chapters 9-18

• The Whittmores are eager to make a fortune and get a better place to live and another car.

• In "The Whittmores," Laura quits her job to stay home and have a baby.
• The Whittmores remain poor, despite attempts from Ralph to get a better job.
• In "Clancy in the Tower of Babel," James and Nora Clancy are immigrants from Ireland.
• In "Clancy...

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