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Short Answer Questions

1. Where do Dmitri Gurov and the lady with the dog first meet?

2. How soon does Olga remarry when Kukin dies?

3. In "On Official Business", where is the scene of death?

4. What arrangement do Gurov and Anna make to continue seeing each other?

5. What renews Olga's youth?

Short Essay Questions

1. How does Korolev show judgment on the Lialikovs?

2. In "On Official Business", what is the difference between the coroner and the doctor in the way they view life?

3. What is the root cause of Liza's illness?

4. Describe Belikov from "The Man in a Case" and what makes him so different from everyone else in his village. What influence does he have on the people around him?

5. In "On Official Business", why does the coroner believe the city is the center of Russia? What does he think of the village and countryside?

6. Dr. Starchenko from "On Official Business" mentions old folks disliking this "nervous age." What might this "nervous age" refer to?

7. In "The Bishop", what is Bishops Pyotr's relationship with his mother Marya like when she visits him after nine years?

8. How does Katya show how she feels about Pyotr's status as a bishop?

9. Compare and contrast Olga's husbands and lovers. How are their personality types alike and different? How does this affect Olga as a person?

10. What does Korolev theorize is the cause of imbalance between the strong and the weak?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

From "A Boring Story", Stepanych begins to realize that he is aging and changing, but he holds hope. What is Stepanych in hopes of and why?

Essay Topic 2

Based on Chekhov's stories, write about what his philosophy might be.

Essay Topic 3

Dr. Andrei Yefimych (Ward No. 6) speaks about the difference between man and other animals. How does this character differ from Chekhov's character the Explainer in "In Exile". Imagine a dialogue between the two persons and how they are likely to interact. Why would each of them come to such polar conclusions about life?

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