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Short Answer Questions

1. Whom does Grigory Petrovich generally have a softness for?

2. What causes the beadle to be so poor?

3. Where does Dmitri Gurov look to meet Anna in S.?

4. How long does Olga and Pustovalov's marriage last before he dies of illness?

5. Of the following, which is NOT an attribute Korolev thinks about in regards to factories?

Short Essay Questions

1. In "The Lady with the Little Dog", why does Dmitri Gurov see Anna Sergeeva differently than all the other women in his life? What makes her so much more appealing?

2. Compare and contrast Olga's husbands and lovers. How are their personality types alike and different? How does this affect Olga as a person?

3. Dr. Starchenko from "On Official Business" mentions old folks disliking this "nervous age." What might this "nervous age" refer to?

4. Describe what life is like in the countryside where there is a factory?

5. Why does Alekhin and Burkin not enjoy Ivan Ivanych's story about gooseberries?

6. What is the root cause of Liza's illness?

7. What is going through Anisim's head as he is getting married? What might this foreshadow in his life?

8. In "On Official Business", the coroner has a dream about the beadle and the Zemstvo walking side by side. Write a brief interpretation of this dream.

9. How does Korolev show judgment on the Lialikovs?

10. From "The Darling", describe Olga's personality type.

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

What form of mentality does the Explainer in "In Exile" take in order to help him survive a life in Siberia? What psyche does he have to maintain sanity in a bare, cold place such as Siberia?

Essay Topic 2

From "The Death of a Clerk", discuss how Cherviakov's and the General's reactions to one another heightens the matter between the two of them. How does their personality add to the situation?

Essay Topic 3

The only thing Varka in "Sleepy" wants is sleep. Eventually she gets it by killing the baby that cries. Anton Chekhov writes, "and a moment later [Varka] is already fast asleep, like the dead..." Why does Chekhov write an ellipsis at the end of Varka's story? What is the reader led to believe?

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