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Short Answer Questions

1. To whom is Nevyrazimov writing a letter?

2. Whom does Varka see in her dreams?

3. What does it take for Olga to get over Ryabovsky?

4. How does Vanka learn how to read and write?

5. Why does Grigoriev steal a nut?

Short Essay Questions

1. Modest Alexeich admonishes Anya and her family about how a "man must have his responsibilities!" Between Modest, Anya, and her family, who shows responsibilities best?

2. What makes akathists so difficult?

3. What causes Father Grigory to be so angry with Andreich?

4. Describe Anya's character and how it changes from the beginning of "Anna on the Neck" to the end.

5. As Gusev drifts in and out of sleep, what thoughts interchange in his dreams?

6. Compare and contrast Mashenka and Matvei's reaction to Vasya's letter that he is returning home.

7. Describe how Olga Ivanovna and her friends treat Osip. How does this turn on Olga?

8. Compare Nikolai Stepanych's (A Boring Story) public name to the real person.

9. When a fellow soldier asks Gusev if he is not afraid to die, what is his response? How does his response reflect his character?

10. Describe Yegor and Pelageya's relationship. How do they interact? How do they feel about one another?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

In "Panikhida", Andreich subconsciously calls his daughter "harlot" during prayer even though he is just reprimanded by the priest. Find at least two other examples of how the subconscious reveals itself. Describe the two instances and explain how the subconscious works in each of the situations.

Essay Topic 2

The only thing Varka in "Sleepy" wants is sleep. Eventually she gets it by killing the baby that cries. Anton Chekhov writes, "and a moment later [Varka] is already fast asleep, like the dead..." Why does Chekhov write an ellipsis at the end of Varka's story? What is the reader led to believe?

Essay Topic 3

In "The House with the Mezzanine", Lida is called "remarkable" by her mother and sister. Write and essay of what it means to be "remarkable"? What does it take to be "remarkable"? By whose standards is someone "remarkable"? How "remarkable" is Lida? Do her mother and sister really value Lida as a "remarkable" person?

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