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Short Answer Questions

1. What happens when the General is so angry with Cherviakov, he yells "Get out"?

2. Why is business bad for Bronze in "Rothschild's Fiddle"?

3. What does the judge think of Grigoriev?

4. How does Modest Andreich view his wife?

5. How does Yegor describe himself?

Short Essay Questions

1. What consumes Bronze so much in life over the last 50 years in "Rothschild's Fiddle"?

2. What changes are observed in Nikolai Stepanych's lectures from the past to the present?

3. Why doesn't Grigoriev believe the magistrate when he says taking nuts will derail the train?

4. What will happen to Vanka at the end of his story?

5. What does Ivan Velikopolsky in "The Student" see in the present that reminds him of the past? How does he connect the two?

6. Why does Katya leave to the Caucasus?

7. What does the Tartar think of Vassily and the Explainer? Who does he respect more and why?

8. When a fellow soldier asks Gusev if he is not afraid to die, what is his response? How does his response reflect his character?

9. Describe Yegor and Pelageya's relationship. How do they interact? How do they feel about one another?

10. Describe how Olga Ivanovna and her friends treat Osip. How does this turn on Olga?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

From "A Boring Story", write an essay about male/male and female/female relationships. Base answers on Stepanych and Mr. Gnekker's relationship for male/male and Varya and Liza's relationship with Katya for female/female. Why is it difficult for Stepanych to like Mr. Gnekker and why is it difficult for Liza and Varya to like Katya and vice versa?

Essay Topic 2

Compare how the soldiers and the sailor on the boat in "Gusev" handle a long boat ride back home to Russia. How do they each deal with long days without enough food and water, entertainment, and occupation? What does each resort do in order to try to keep their sanity?

Essay Topic 3

From "A Boring Story", describe Katya and Stepanych's relationship. Beyond a father and daughter, how do their struggles bond them? What is their struggle?

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